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Director S V Krishna Reddy

Satti Venkata Krishna Reddy was born on 1st June in the year 1952. He was born in Andhra Pradesh. S V Krishna Reddy is a Telugu Film Director.

Till today he directed nearly 38 movies. He even composed music for most of his films. He is a writer even. He writes stories for his films. His first movie as a writer was ‘Kobarri Bondam’. The first movie he directed was “Krishnam Rajugari Cinema” in the year 1992.

He got a big break in the tollywood through his film ‘Rajendrudu Gajendrudu‘ in the year 1993 starring Rajendra Prasad, Soundarya and Kota Srinivasa Rao. This movie was a very big hit in that year. This movie was mostly liked by the children because, this movie mostly revolves around an elephant. After this movie he mostly directed these type of comedy oriented movies. All his movies are mostly story oriented. We find seriousness, comedy, sentiment in his movies.

Not only in Telugu, had he even directed some Hindi movies. Some of his movies are musical hits. Even he directed movies with top actors as ANR, Super Star Krishna, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Rajendra Prasad, etc. Even the great director K Vishawnath also acted in his film. In most of his movies the upcoming comedians were the heros. He preferred comedy in the films as the great director late ‘Jandyala‘. The way he directs is totally different.

He can be said the Best Director of the decade (1990-2000). Some movies is even remembered by the audience till today. He is a great director, composer, writer and even a producer not only all these he even acted in his directed movies as a Hero. He is currently directing an English Movie ‘Divorce Invitation’.  It’s a comedy based film.

List of the movies directed by Him:

  1. Krishnam Rajugari Cinema (Babu, Brahmanadam and Raju) 1992.
  2. Rajendrudu Gajendrudu (Rajendra Prasad and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 1993.
  3. Mayalodu (Rajendra Prasad and Soundarya) (direction, Story and Music) 1993.
  4. Yama Leela (Ali and Indraja) (Direction, Story and Music) 1994.
  5. Top Hero (Balakrishna and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 1994.
  6. Number One (Krishna and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 1994.
  7. Subhalagnam (Jagapati Babu, Aamani and Roja) (Direction, Story and Music) 1994.
  8. Gatohkachudu (Satyanarayana, Ali and Roja) (Direction,Story and Music)1995.
  9. Vajram (Nagarjuna, K Vishwanath and Roja) (Direction, Story and Music) 1995.
  10. Sampradayam (Krishna and Indraja) (Direction, Story and Music) 1996.
  11. Gunshot (Prakash Raj, Ali and Kirti Reddy) (Direction, Story and Music) 1996.
  12. Maavi Chiguru (Jagapati Babu and Aamani) (Direction, Story and Music) 1996.
  13. Vinodam (Srikanth and Ravali) (Direction, Story and Music) 1996.
  14. Yegire Pavurama (Srikanth, Chakravarthy and Liala) (Direction, Story and Music) 1997.
  15. Aahvaanam (Srikanth, Ramaya Krishna and Hira Rajgopal) (Direction, Story and Music) 1997.
  16. Ugadi (S V Krishna Reddy and Laila) (Hero, Direction, Story, Play back singing and Music) 1997.
  17. DeerghaSumangalibhava (Raja Shekar, RamyaKrishna and Prema) (Direction, Story and Music) 1998.
  18. Ooyala (Srikanth and Ramya Krishna) (Direction, Story and Music) 1998.
  19. Pelli Peetalu (Srikanth and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 1998.
  20. Premaku Velayaraa (Chakravarthy and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 1999.
  21. Manasulo Mata (Srikanth, Jagapathi Babu and Mahima Chowdary) (Direction, Story and Music) 1999.
  22. Abhishekam (S V Krishna Reddy (Dual Role), Rachana) (Actor, Direction, Story and Music) 1999.
  23. Sree Srimathi Satyabhama (Ashok Kumar and Rehaman) 2000.
  24. Sardukupodaam Randi (Jagapathi Babu and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 2000.
  25. Kodanda Ramudu (Chakravarthy and Rambha) (Direction, Story and Music) 2000.
  26. Sakutumba Saparivaara Sametanga (ANR, Srikanth and Raasi) (Direction, Story and Music) 2000.
  27. Budget Padmanabham (Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna) (Direction, Story and Music) 2001.
  28. Jabili (Dilip and Rekha) (Direction, Story and Music) 2001.
  29. Premaku Swagatam (J D Chakravarthy and Soundarya) (Direction, Story and Music) 2002.
  30. Pellam Oorelithe (Srikanth, Sangeetha, Venu and Rakshita) (Direction, Story and Music) 2003.
  31. Pellamtho Panenti (Venu and Laya) (Direction, Story and Music) 2003.
  32. Orey Pandu (Sachin and Aakanksha) (Direction, Story and Music) 2004.
  33. Letha Manasulu (Srikanth and Gopika) (Direction, Story and Music) 2004.
  34. Athade Oka Sainyam (Jagapathi Babu and Neha) (Direction,Story and Music) 2004.
  35. Hungama (Ali, Venu Madhav, Abhinayasri and Jyothi) (Direction, Story and Music) 2004.
  36. Sarada Saradaga (Rajendra Prasad, Srikanth and Sindhu Tulani) (Direction, Story and Music) 2006.
  37. Maayajalam (Srikanth and Poonam Kaur) (Direction, Story and Music) 2006.
  38. Bahumati (Venu and Sangeetha) (Direction, Story and Music) 2007.
  39. Masth (Shivaji and Siva Balaji) (Direction, Story and Music) 2009.
  40. Divorce Invitation (Hollywood English movie Directing currently).


Film Fare Awards:

Best Director Award for the film ‘Subhalagnam’ in the year1994.
Best Music Director Award for the ‘Yamaleela’ in the year 1994.

Nandi Awards:

Best Feature Film Award for the movie ‘Subhalagnam’ in the year 1994.
Special Jury Award for the movie ‘Aahavanam’ in the year 1997.
Best Director Award for the movie ‘Sakutumba Saparivaara’ in the year 2001.


This director is completing sixty years today. He is celebrating his 60th birthday.

businessoftollywood wishes him a very happy birthday and a great year ahead.