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Senior Actress Jamuna Passes Away

Published On: January 27, 2023   |   Posted By:



Senior Actress Jamuna Passes Away

Senior actress Jamuna passed away in the early hours of today,27th January 2023 due to old age ailments in her residence in Hyderabad. She was 86. She is survived by son Vamsee Juluri and daughter Sravanthi. condole the death of this great actress of Tollywood praying for her soul to rest in peace.

Jamuna was one of the legends of Telugu Cinema. Jamuna born on 30th of August 1936 at Nidamarru Village in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh.

Jamuna was very much interested in acting. She was a stage actress in School stage shows.

She was offered a lead role by Dr.G.Raja Rao in his film Puttillu. Dr.Raja Rao was the director and hero of the movie with Jamuna as heroine.

She was a glamorous heroine in the early days of Telugu cinema.. In arrogant roles she has performed to her best.

In the tragedy film Chiranjeevulu she has given her best to the role of Radha.

She involved herself in the song sequence of the song “Kanupapa karuvaina kanulenduko thana vare parulaina brathukenduko” in the movie.N T Rama Rao was in the lead role of this movie.

She was the most suitable actress for the role of “Sathyabhama”.

She was very fond of pet animals. Pomeranian dogs are plenty in her bungalow.

Jamuna  married Dr.Ramana Rao .Professor of Osmania University in the year 1965 and has settled in Hyderabad.

She wass a good singe too. M S Sri Ram, Producer and Music director of the film Pelliroju made her sing one song “Pellivaramandi Aada pellivaramandi” in the movie.

She got the Prestigious N T R National Award for the year 2008 for her contribution to Telugu Cinema.

She was an active congress worker and close associate of Rajiv Gandhi. She won the congress seat from Rajahmundry in 1989 general elections and was a member of parliament from 1989 to 1991.

List of popular Jamuna acted movies:

1. Puutillu(1952-Dr.Raja Rao)
2. Bangarupapa(1954 – Jaggaiah)
3. Donga Ramudu(1955 – ANR)
4. Missamma(1955 – ANR)
5. Muddu Bidda(1956 – Jaggaiah)
6. Illavelpu(1956 – ANR)
7. Chiranjeevulu(1956 – NTR)
8. Bhagyarekha(1957 – NTR)
9. Maa Intimahalakshmi(1958 – Haranath)
10. Bhookailas(1958 – NTR/ANR)
11. Appuchesi Pappukoodu(1958 – Jaggaiah)
12. Illarikam( 1959 – ANR)
13. Gulebakavali Katha(1962 – NTR)
14. Gundamma Katha(1962 – 1962 – ANR)
15. Eedu-Jodu(1963 – Jaggaiah)
16. Ramudu-Bheemudu(1964 – NTR)
17. Bobbili Yuddham(1964 – Seetha Ram)
18. Moogamanasulu(1964 – ANR)
19. Manchi Manishi(1964 – NTR)
20. Poojaphalam(1964 ANR)
21. Muralikrishna(1964 – ANR)
22. Dorikithe Dongalu(1965 – NTR)
23. Keelu Bommalu(1965 – Jaggaiah)
24. Mangamma Sabhatham(1965 – NTR)
25. Thodu-Needa(1965 – NTR)
26. Naadi Adajanma(1965 _ Haranath)
27. Letha Manasulu(1966 – Haranath)
28. Adugujadalu(1966 – NTR)
29. Poola Rangadu(1967 – ANR)
30. Chadarangam(1967 – Haranath)
31. Vundamma Bottupedatha(1968 – Krishna)
32. Sri Krishna Tulabharam(1968 – NTR)
33. Palamanasulu(1968 – Haranath)
34. Pelliroju(1968 – Haranath)
35. Bangaru Sankellu(1968 – Haranath)
36. Ramu(1968 – NTR)
37. Challani Needa( 1968 – Haranath)
38. Mooganomu(1969 – ANR)
39. Bandhipotu Dongalu(1969 – ANR)
40. Amayakudu(1968 – Krishna)
41. Muhurthabalam(1969 – Krishna)
42. Ekaveera(1969 – Kantha Rao)
43. Aadajanma(1970 – Haranath)
44. Srikrishna Sathya(1971 – NTR)
45. Menakodalu(1972 – Krishna)
46. Gowri(1974 – Krishna)

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