SMS Audio Launch

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Sms audio images

SMS Audio Launch

The audio event release of Sudheer Babu’s debut movie SMS was launched at the mecca of audio events off late Shilpa Kala Vedika on 22nd January. Superstar Krishna and Prince Mahesh Babu who happens to be brother-in-law were the chief guests. The other celebs included VV Vinayak & Sukumar. The music was composed by Ganesh.

The honour of releasing the audio was done by Mahesh Babu.

Here are the excerpts of what celebs have said on this occasion-

Mahesh Babu-
 “Sudheer Babu has a wonderful future as he is a quick learner.He has shown me certain reels of his movie and i was amazed at the rapid pace he has mastered the dances and action sequences. I wish him all the very best and i know if someone does hard work than success won’t be far behind and this holds true in sudheer’s case. I would like take liberty on this occasion to thank all mine and my father’s fans to make businessman a super and sensational success”.

“Sudheer Babu has done amazing stuff in this movie. He showed me certain sequences which he has done and i was amazed at his high quality work. I wish him all the best and i am very happy that one more super star is coming from our staple. I am sure all our fans will applaud sudheer babu for his magnificient work. Tatineni satya’s grand father was an amazing director with whom i was associated in a movie. I am sure satya’s output will be on par with his grand father and surely achieve the required success”.

VV Vinayak

“Sudheer babu caught my attention at a friend’s function, where he was performing some wonderful dances. At the moment i thought he had right stuff to become a good actor based on his presence. Tatineni Satya’s first movie Bheemili was a hit. The Tamil version of SMS was also a hit. I am sure the telugu version will be bigger, better and successful.”

Choreographer Sekhar-

 “Sudheer Babu has all the makings to become an elite dancer in tollywood”.