Thagubothu Ramesh

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Mr.Ramesh, a well-known artist known for his comedy characters is going on a great pace in the industry. He is famous with a varied name“Thagubothu Ramesh” Though he is not an alcoholic, he got this nick name from the character he played in the film “Mahatma

Please tell us something about yourself?

I was born in Godavari Khani (Ramagundam). My father was a worker in coal mines. I have two elder brothers and one sister. In my teenage I used to do mimicry and stage shows in village competitions and events. My dad used to consume alcohol. He used to come home drunk every day. I used to watch him and the same I used to present on the stage as “Thagubothu” character. My mother expired in 1995 and father in 2000. After this, my both elder brothers used to treat me as their own child.

What made you to enter in Cine Field?

As I said earlier, I used to do mimicry and stage shows, while performing in a stage show one senior artist named “Shankar Anna”, appreciated my work and suggested me to try in industry. People used to respect me a lot for my work in stage shows. This made me motivated and I decided to work in industry.

Can you tell us about your journey in industry?

My elder brother helped me to join in “Akkineni Film Institute” to learn acting course. In this institute I met with Nagaraj, Potti Seenu, Srikanth whom I never forget in my life for their help and motivation. After completing my training I started working in small firms and simultaneously used to visit Director’s and Producer’s offices for a role. After struggling for 3 months, I got my first opportunity in “Jagadam” movie.

After Jagadam movie again I was jobless for 3 years but I didn’t give up. I was again doing the same thing, one side some part time jobs and other side looking for roles. Meanwhile I learnt photography under Venky (Satyam Fame).

I got an opportunity to work in industry through “Evaisulo”. I played the role of hero’s friend. After this movie, my friend Uttej introduced me to Director Krishna Vamsi and he offered me the role of “Thagubothu Ramesh” in “Mahatma” Movie.

You got roles in 3 movies instantly. How?

While working for movie “Jagadam“, writer Laxmi Bhupal (Chandamama writer) liked my work and gave me chance to act in his movie “Ala Modalaindi”. In this movie I played the crucial role of Gautam, who changes the entire story. Because of the movie success and my role I was appreciated by many people and got the 3 movies simultaneously.

What are your upcoming movies?

With the success of the film “Ala Modalandi”, I got an opportunity to work in 10 more films. My latest movies are 100 % Love, Kodi Punju, Mugguru. Apart from this I am working in Priyudu, Pilla Zamindar, Gurudu, Nako O lover Undi, Love Kabbadi, Paccha, Eega, Gabbar Singh.

Which are your favorite movies?

“Matrudevobhava”, I love this movie. According to me this is the best movie of my life Apart from this, I like K.Vishwanath Sir, Maniratnam Sir, Bala Sir, Shankar Sir and RGV movies.

Who is behind your success?

Because of my father I am at this stage. I strictly imitated him. The way he used to do after being drunk I did the same on the big screen. Apart from this I would like to thank all these respected people, Director Krishna Vamsi, Director Raja Mouli, Sukumar, Actors Ravi Teja, Allari Naresh, Nanni, Brahmanadam Garu, Venu Madhav, Ali, Venu, Dhanraj, Venky, Chitram Senu, Uttej, Srinivas Reddy, Sunil, and Shivaji, for helping me out when needed and showing their trust in me. I am here because of these entire people and I will always remain thankful to them.

Are you happy with the name Thagubothu Ramesh?

Yes. I am really happy with the name Thagubothu Ramesh, it got me a different and unique identity in the industry. Am looking forward to do roles which will prove my talent and I want people to remember my work like P.L.Narayana and M.S.Narayana.

What are your goals?

I am happy as of now with the trust and friendship the industry has given me. I want to keep my family happy all the time; this is my goal in life. I miss my parents, as if they would know that I have become an artist, they would have been the people who would have been truly happy for me.

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