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Dhanraj, a comedian artist by profession, is all busy now days in his work.

Let us know about you?

I was born and brought up in Vijayawada. My mother Kamalama was from rich family and my father Satya Raj was a worker in her transportation business as a lorry driver. She fell in love with my dad and both got married and got shifted to Vijayawada.My dad was an alcohol addict, because of which while working he met with a severe head injury. I was just 6 year old and our family got shifted to madras for my dad’s treatment. He was in Coma for one year there, after that he died. We came back to Vijayawada. Because of this up and downs I lost interest in studies but for formality sake I was continuing studies.

How you got attracted towards Tollywood?

Beside my house door people use to stick movie posters. I used to see them all the time I am big fan of Rajendra Prasad, Chiranjeevi, and Ali from that time. I completed my 10th class and just left the house without informing my mother and came to Hyderabad to join in industry.

Tell us about your journey in industry?

From Vijayawada I came to Hyderabad and directly tried to visit Ramanaidu Studious but the security people didn’t allowed me to get into Studio. Then I realised it’s not an easy task to get into industry direct like this. I came to city with just 300 bugs in my pocket and I was running short of money day after day. I decided to work in Kakatiya Mess near the film city to earn some money to get shelter. My work shift was 2pm-10pm so in morning hours I used to visit the studious. Meanwhile my mother got to know that I am in Hyderabad, so she also shifted here.

I met with Vijay Master, a dance master by profession. At that time he was in a plan to open a Training institute for Acting, Direction, Fights and Dance course. The fee of course was very high for me, I approached Vijay sir and requested him that “I want to join your institute and at the same time I will work here”. They accepted my request and I leant the course. I also participated in “Boggie-Woggie” which was organized in country club, in this show in which I won the 3rd prize. After that I continued to give dance training to earn money.

One day I read an advertisement in newspaper regarding supporting role candidate’s requirement for movie “Jay”. In this movie Navdeep was in lead role. I rushed in to the auditions and got selected. This was my first movie, meanwhile my mother died because of cancer and I was bit depressed and alone. At that time I was running short of money but an unknown girl whom I hardly met one day helped me out. Her name is “Sirisha”.she was the one who helped me when needed. We later married got married.

After that I went for “Jagadam” movie Audition and again got selected in that. After Jagadam, I got opportunity to work in Parugu, Gopi Gopika Godavari, Bheemli Kabbadi Jattu.

What are your upcoming movies?

Right now I am working for Pilla Zamindar, MadtaKaja, Aaya re, Nenu Nana Abbadam, Gabbar Singh, Naku o lover undi. I have also done a movie with Amitabh Bacchan sir titled “Shoe Bite”. I am eagerly waiting for the release of the movie.

What is your working mantra?

It takes more time for long roles because of which you may have the problem of missing other works. I prefer small characters so that I should not miss any good movies. I want to act with Chiranjeevi sir. If I get a supporting role in his movie I will feel myself on ninth cloud.

Any specific message for our audience and youngsters?

There is nothing wrong thinking to get into industry, but you have to be financially stable. I don’t want people to do the mistake which I did. I want to tell youngsters that they should think twice and thrice before taking a step forward and should take advice from their parents about their goals. It’s easy to imagine becoming an artist in industry but I strongly believe that talent, hard work, and destiny are very important to get into industry.

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