Heart Attack Trailer Review

Published On: January 17, 2014   |   Posted By:

Trailer Review: Heart AttackTrailer Review: Heart Attack

Of the two trailers of Heart attack that got released, the most recent one is undoubtedly the best. It features Ada Sharma (who by the way looks extremely gorgeous) and starts off with Ada revealing her name as Hayati and how she met Nitin in Spain. The hero falls behind the girl with some song sequences and is initially annoyed by him but a couple of conversations later, she falls for him in the very typical Puri Jagganath style of romance.

Then the whole scene is transformed into that of a village in AP with Ada telling Nitin that he was too late. What was it that he was late for is something we can find out only after Heart Attack hits the screens. The trailer is rather interesting but we must say that from the looks of the trailer, the movie is very predictable. We hope that Puri doesn’t disappoint us this time again and gives us an interesting film in the form of Heart attack.