Chandamama lo Amrutham Trailer Review

Published On: January 17, 2014   |   Posted By:

Trailer Review: Chandamama lo AmruthamTrailer Review: Chandamama lo Amrutham

Amrutham, the TV show favourite for all of the people of AP is what Chandamamalo Amrutham is clearly based on, but the movie is obviously a very new attempt in all of the movies that were ever made in the genre of comedy. Yes, you guessed it right, just like the title says, the movie actually takes place on the moon entirely. Jai Avasarala and Appaji from Amrutham seem to play the major leads along with Sarvam, the server.

The fact that Jai Avasarala is a part of the movie suggests that it is going to be hilarious in every way, and if Gunnam Gangaraju is directing the movie, need we talk more about all the humor that is going to be there in the movie? Clad in astronaut suits, all our heroes go over to the top of the moon where they establish Amrutham. A lot of hilarious scenes are shown in the trailer of Chandamama lo Amrutham on the moon, one of which is a marriage that takes place on the moon. Chandamama lo Amrutham is clearly a very unique attempt at comedy and we really can’t miss.