Villa Movie ReviewVilla Movie Review

Movie Title :- Villa
Banner :- The Good Cinema Group
Release Date: 16th Nov 2013
Censor rating :- U/A
Cast :- Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, Nasar
Director: Deepan Chakravarti
Music Director: Santosh Narayan
Producer : Moorthy Srinivasulu
Movie run time :- 100 miniutes

Story :

The film opens with Jebin (Ashok Selvan) attending the funeral of his father Jose (Nazar). Jebin is a budding writer who is in search of a publisher for his first novel. After the funeral Jebin finds himself in financial difficulties loosing all his property. Fortunate for him, his father’s lawyer friend tells Jebin about a posh beach side “Villa” his father purchased on his name in Bheemli. He goes to Bheemili to take a look at the property and wants to sell the Villa to make money to publish his novel himself.
But as soon as he moves in, his fate tends to change and good things happen to him. Jebin gives up all plans of selling the villa and decides to live there, much to the delight of his girlfriend Aarthi (Sanchita Shetty).
However, Jebin comes across a hidden room in the villa that contains strange paintings. Post opening which, strange things start happening around the house. People associated with the house start getting affected.
What’s hidden in those paintings? What is causing all the strange happenings in the “Villa” is the story.

Things to look for :
Ashok Selvan has given a balanced performance as the struggling writer Jebin. Sanchita Shetty is just ok. Nassar has a brief but Important role.
The plot is quite novel. The film has some thrilling moments that entice the audience. The Interval has been shot well and the Visual Effects, Cinematography and sound effects add to the novelty and binding moments of the movie.

Minus Points :
Comparisons with ‘Pizza’ are inevitable since this movie is touted as its sequel. But the horror quotient of Villa is not up to the level of Pizza.
The movie has a run time of 100minutes, but a lot of time is wasted in establishing the plot and falls flat at moments.

Verdict :
‘Villa (Pizza 2 ) ‘ stands out as a decent supernatural thriller. There’s nothing in common with ‘Pizza’, hence do not expect the spine chilling moments you got when you had the earlier slice of “Pizza”.

Those like watching suspense thrillers may enjoy. may see once

Rating :- 3/5