143 Hyderabad will be releasing on MAY 24th

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143hydThe film titles ‘143 Hyderabad’ is jointly produced by 5-colours multi media and B .B S Studio. The film is made in Telugu and Tamil. The film has completed the post production and censor for the film. It is ready to release on May 24th. The audio is released through Sony has got a very good response.

The producer stated that the film is based on real life incident which happened 143 km away from Hyderabad . The film is made as a lady oriented film with Dhanishka. She acted in National award winning films with Bala and Vasantha Balan’s films as a lead role. The film is being made a an action suspense thriller with Inspiration from Hollywood.

Rathnavelu’s assistant is the cinematographer in the film  He is a very successful cinematographer . Selva Ganesh the fame of  ‘Bheemili Kabadi Jattu’ and ‘Pilla Jamindhar ‘ is the music director of this film. The story is about an actress , a businessman , an Archaeology student and a Play boy along with five other friends plan to tour a trip from Vizag to Hyderabad . At a distance of 143 kms away from Hyderabad they face horrible situations . Whether they come out of situations with life or not is the theme of the story . Kandhikonda has given good lyrics to all the songs . The songs which have been sung by famous singers have been shot in beautiful locations .

The main characters of the film are Dhanishka , Anand , Arjun Ramsi , Jagan , Lakshmi. The music is by Selva Ganesh. The lyrics is by Kandhikonda . The dialogues are by Babi , RJ Bharath. The story, screenplay, direction is by Anand Chakravarthi. The producers of the film are Srinivas Dhamera and M .Laxman ( Babi ) .