Actress Anikha Surendran Interview

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Actress Anikha Surendran Interview

I like to add my own flair and style to characters to make them memorable: Butta Bomma actress Anikha Surendran

Butta Bomma is gearing up for its release on January 26, 2023. The movie is produced by Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas. With Anikha Surendran, Surya Vashistta and Arjun Das in the lead roles, debutant director Shourie Chandrasekhar Ramesh carved it to perfection. This village story is touted to be the perfect entertainer on the long weekend.

Here are the excerpts from Anikha Surendran s interaction with the media.

The journey from a child artist to a heroine

Acting wise I don t find too many differences. As a child, coming to a movie set was like a vacation. Now I look at different aspects of filmmaking and understand cinema in a much better way. It s been a decade and I am grateful for all the opportunities I got. I have also worked with many people in many languages and that added to my learning curve.

Initial reaction when asked to play the role in Butta Bomma

It s a matter of coincidence. I have just finished watching the Malayalam original and I got a call. After watching the original, I felt lucky to be a part of Butta Bomma. My character goes through many emotions and it s a performance-oriented role.

What was your reference point to improvise on the role?

From the beginning, director Ramesh was sure that I need not copy the original and have my take and feel and what is natural for the character. I went ahead adding a different flair to the character and brought in a new style.

Any struggle in portraying the role?

I tried to make the character look different. Ramesh knew exactly what he wanted, and I followed his instructions. There was no struggle and enjoyed every bit of playing the role.

How was acting alongside Surya and Arjun Das?

I almost did 20 days of shooting alone and then I shared space with my co-stars. Arjun Das gave good company as he is also a non-Telugu. Surya was patient and supportive with my Telugu lines. Our dynamics were very good.

On managing Telugu script and lines

Initially, it was difficult to understand a few things as Telugu is an alien language for me. Our assistant directors were phenomenal, and they helped me a lot. The team managed to get someone whose voice is close to mine and it s great listening to it.

How did you emote for scenes?

I took scene by scene and emoted as per it. Ramesh and I had many conversations before the actual shoot. This helped me understand the scenes and my character in depth.

What attracted you to this project?

Since I have already seen and loved the Malayalam original, I wanted to be a part of it. And getting to work with a great production house like Sithara is like a dream come true.

On changes in the Telugu version

There were a few changes to cater to the Telugu audience. The making is more different, colourful and vibrant. Ramesh has put his own style.

Were you scared of Arjun Das voice?

He is an absolute sweetheart. He is lovely and not at all scary.

On how Tollywood is different from other movie industries

In Telugu, everything is more prepared. In Malayalam, things are not like that, at least for me. That s the major difference. I am listening to a lot of scripts in Telugu now.

What s your dream role?

Nothing but have a soft spot for female-oriented roles.

What are your learnings from this project?

There are so many things. Ramesh got very good experience. He is particular about what he wants from his actors. Even a small twitch in my eyebrow gets noticed by him. It was a major learning experience working with him and others in the film. I liked the way directions are given and that gave great results.

Upcoming projects

Oh, My Darling – Malayalam. In Tamil and Telugu, there are a few projects. I am lucky that all my debut projects as a heroine in all languages are happening this year.

About Sithara Entertainment

It s the best production house I have worked till date. It s like home production. Anything I do in Telugu from now, they have my back.

On playing an arrogant character in The Ghost and an innocent one in Butta Bomma

I relate more to my character in Butta Bomma as I am more like that. The Ghost is different as I have played someone different. Satya and Aditi are two different spectrums.