Allari Naresh’s Next Movie Titled as ‘Jump Jillani’

Published On: May 14, 2013   |   Posted By:

Allari Naresh Next FilmAllari Naresh is going to be seen in the movie titled tentatively as ‘Jump Jillani’ which happens to be the remake of the tamil movie Kalakalappu. The movie is going to be a comedy flick. It will be directed by E.Sattibabu who has directed three of his movies Betting Bangaruraju, Yamudiki mogudu and Nenu previously. The movie will be produced by Ambica Krishna. In tamil, the movie was directed by Khushboo’s husband Sunder C and was produced by Khushboo.

The movies Action 3D and Kevu Keka of Allari Naresh are up for release. He will start shooting for this movie after he is done with these two movies. The movie Action 3D which is going to be the first  comedy movie in 3D is being directed by Anil Sunkara and the story is said to revolve around a group of friends who go on a road trip.

The tamil movie Kalakalappu has a story that revolves around two brothers who run a cafe that was run by their ancestors. They get entrapped in a case of missing diamonds and also lose their ownership of the restaurant. Finally they come out of the case also find the real thief who has stolen the diamonds. The movie which became a hit at the box office in Tamil Nadu is sure to do well in telugu as well.