Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Success Meet Event

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Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Success Meet Event

Thanks to audience for making Ambajipeta Marriage Band a blockbuster: Team at Success Meet

The young hero Suhas has added another super hit movie to his account. His latest movie, Ambajipeta Marriage Band, in which he stars as the hero, was released today and received positive feedback from everyone. The film is a joint production by GA2 Pictures, director Venkatesh Mahas Mahayana Motion Pictures, and Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment banners, directed by Dushyanth Katikeni. Shivani Nagaram played the heroine role, while Sharanya Pradeep and Nithin played key roles. The success meet for Ambajipeta Marriage Band was held at the Geetha Arts office in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Producer Allu Aravind said, I was very happy when the Ambajipeta Marriage Band team came to me and suggested that we should have success celebrations. After watching the rushes and the first copy of this movie yesterday, I felt that it was a very good movie and it deserved success. Its a pure story told without unnecessary action and other elements. There hasnt been a movie focusing on the emotions between an elder brother and a younger brother in recent times. Sharanya acted brilliantly in the role of Akka. While watching Suhas act during the interval, I was amazed and thought, How naturally does this boy can act? Suhas is one of the few natural actors we have. He has a bright future ahead. He is also working on good projects in the upcoming films. Shivani also performed her roles well. Nitin impressed as the villain. As a producer, Dheeraj worked hard to bring this movie to life. Director Dushyant has shot every scene well. All productions that are part of Geetha Sanstha deserve to be successful. We seek the medias cooperation for that.

Hero Suhas said, Watching Ambajipeta Marriage Band at Sree Ramulu Theater yesterday, I was happy about the response. Thank you to the audience for giving me another hit movie. Its gratifying that they come to the theaters to watch the movie. Media friends have written good reviews for our film. Thank you to all of them.

Actress Sharanya Pradeep said, Thank you to the media for supporting our film from the promotions to the success meet. Our director Dushyant believed that I could do the character of Padma well. I am happy that it has proven to be true in theaters today. Please come to the theaters and watch Ambajipeta Marriage Band. You will definitely enjoy it.

Heroine Shivani Nagaram said, We are thankful for the success of Ambajipeta Marriage Band. I think that as a new actress, I am lucky to have the opportunity to work under such a big banner and in a good movie. I am receiving a good response for Lakshmis character. All our costars and crew members gave their best. This movie has all the elements. When you come to the theater, you get the feeling of watching a good show. All age groups can enjoy our movie. The audience is connecting well with Ambajipeta Marriage Band.

Producer Bunny Vas said, The audience should watch good movies like Ambajipeta Marriage Band in the theatres. If we think that they will just wait for OTTs, we have no incentive to make such movies. We felt happy seeing the audiences response while watching this movie at Sree Ramulu Theatre. I told Dheeraj that the scenes where I predicted the audience would respond well, indeed, they did. Media friends gave genuine reviews. Suhas performed brilliantly. We all know how committed he is to this film. He is fully focused. He even shaved twice. The effect was seen on the screen. Sharanya and Shivani performed well. Dheeraj, me, and SKN are part of Allu Aravinds Geetha Arts Family. Aravind sir will be very happy about our success.

Producer Dheeraj Mogilineni said, Thank you to the Telugu audience for making Ambajipeta Marriage Band a success. When we made this film, we believed in its content only. Even if you didnt believe what we said before the release about good content, now, after the success, everyone knows. While watching the movie with the media at Sriramulu Theatre, we were happy to see the audience connecting and enjoying every scene. Good movies should be supported by the audience. Suhas, Sharanya, Shivani, and Nitin impressed with their performances. Enjoy Ambajipeta Marriage Band in your nearest theater.

Director Dushyanth Katikeni said, When we came to know that we were making a film with Geetha Arts, we felt a double responsibility. They supported us a lot. They said that this story should be screened without any deficiencies. I am happy with the audiences response today. The audience is relating to some element in this movie with their real life. A huge response comes when the sister scene arrives at the police station. The success of our film is due to the fact that each of the artists took ownership and acted. The success of this film has given me more responsibility as a director.

Actor Nithin said, Thanks to producer Dheeraj and director Dushyanth for giving me a strong villain role in Ambajipeta Marriage Band. I felt happy acting alongside Suhas. My character is receiving a good response.

Producer SKN said, Thank you to the media for supporting Ambajipeta Marriage Band. From today, we are going to talk about the collections of this movie. Go and watch the movie with your family. Its liked by audiences from all walks of life. We are happy that Dheeraj, who is like a family member in our Geetha organization, is achieving success. While watching this movie in the theater, a thousand audience members are responding to the scenes on the screen simultaneously. They liked the movie so much. Everyones performance, including Suhass, is good. All the departments gave their best output. This movie will not be coming to OTT anytime soon. Watch it in theaters.