Asmita SoodAsmita Sood, debuted in the movie “Brahmi gadi Katha”, which was released on the first of July 2011 throughout Andhra Pradesh. Ms.Sood was born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and was brought up in the nation’s capital New Delhi. Here are the exc

erpts of her interview which took place near “Ramanaidu” studios in Hyderabad-

Tell us about your background?

I was born and bought up in shimla and did my graduation in New Delhi. My dad is a businessman and my mom is a home maker and I have kid brother who is in class five right now.

How did modeling happen?

Ever since my childhood from the age of 10 or 11, I was fascinated by fashion and world of modeling, I used to like the way models walked the ramp and the adulation which they got after their show. I was bitten by modeling ever since and wanted to give a shot at Miss India pageant.

I got admitted in Elite school of modeling, New Delhi. Initially, I had my photos taken by a well known Delhi based fashion photographer Rahul Datta. I also participated in Channel V’s Get Gorgeous Season 6.

How did Miss India Pageant happen?

I have been trying to participate right from 2009 but due to some personal reasons, I could not participate in 09 and 10. Finally, this year my dream came true and the whole experience was an eye opener. The competition made me mentally tougher and it was challenging and exciting to compete with the best of the best in the modeling business. Even the mentor’s were very understanding, patient and kept guiding us at every turn of the corner. After interacting with these past super models, current designers and successful ramp choreographers, I have learnt that one has to be extremely patient, diligent and grounded.

How did it feel to end up in the top10?

It felt really good to end up with Miss Iron Maiden and Tissot Femina Miss Perfect Time. It was also exhilarating to know that your dream of being the best materialized when I ended the competition in the top 10. Just being a contestant of top 10 was more exhilarating than winning the crown.

Tell us about some of your commercials?

Last year, I signed up with Sushma Kaul, a popular casting agent for movies as well as various modeling events. First initial break happened for uninor and a whole lot of other advertisements followed suit that included airtel, coca-cola to name a few. I have done so far 14 commercials.

How did Brahmi gadi katha happen?

I was shooting for Get Gorgeous season 6 with channel V and one fine day, I received a call from my agent Ms.Sushma Kaul saying that the crew of Brahmi gadi katha were on the look out for a fresh face to cast in as their heroine and she wanted me to take a shot for the project. The production team liked my profile and acting prowess and they selected me for the role and rest as they say is history.

What was your initial reaction when you came to know that you were finalized to play the lead role?

I was thrilled and over the moon. I never plan for my future. I always have couple of options and I am willing to try to new things to broaden my horizons. Coming from the north initially I did not have an idea about telugu industry and functioning of it. The role was challenging, exciting and had lot of scope for acting as a debutant. I was satisfied with the way the director has portrayed my character.

How did your family react?

Initially they were apprehensive, but once they came to know about the popularity of this industry they were quite excited.

How was the experience working with Varun Sandesh?

Varun was initially shy; however, as the movie progressed I came to know that he was quite a prankster. Varun and I are both of the same age, so the rapport was pretty good. Varun helped me in understanding dialogues and explained each scene very patiently. He has a bright future ahead of him.

What were the challenges faced by you in tollywood?

Initially, language was a barrier. The director and other artists co-operated fully and at the end the task was made easy.

What is the main difference or similarity, if any between shooting for commercials and movies?

Well, to be honest, I don’t see much of a difference, except for two things- time between shots and dialogues.

On a lighter note, what kind of cinema attracts or draws your attention?

I can watch any kind of genre, comedy, action, romance and thriller. Recently, among telugu movies I liked 100% love. It was a youth oriented, well designed and well etched out characters of the main lead. The styling of the heroine was very well done.

What about International Cinema?

Bewitched, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, American Sweet Hearts and Notting Hill are some of my favorites. I would like to work in lord of the rings if remade into regional cinema or bollywood.

Before we end, what are your Future Projects?

Right now I am listening to couple of scripts but nothing yet has been finalized, at the same time I am concentrating on the promotional events of “Brahmigadi katha”.

Would you like to pass on any message to your fans?

I whole heartedly want to thank all my fans for encouraging me on my debut movie and I hope they keep supporting me in all my future endeavors. I also would like to thank the team of business of tollywood for an enterprising interview and wish them all the best.


Editor’s note-

“Young Ms.sood, lady with beauty and brains is sure to succeed and reach the upper echelon of telugu film industry very soon. The team of business of tollywood wish her all the best”