Bootcut Balaraju Movie Review

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Bootcut Balaraju Movie Review

Bootcut Balaraju Movie Poster

Bootcut Balaraju Movie Poster

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“Bootcut Balaraju” is a Telugu romantic comedy film written and directed by Sree Koneti. The film was produced by Md. Pasha, co-produced by Pandu and Mamidishetty Srinivas under the banner of Katha Verunthadi Productions and Global Films. The film stars Syed Sohel Ryan and Meghalekha in lead roles, with Sunil, Indraja, Vennela Kishore, and Brahmaji in supporting roles. Let’s see how Bootcut Balaraju impresses!


Bootcut Balaraju (Syed Sohel Ryan) is a carefree guy who doesn’t have any responsibilities and always chills with his friends. Mahalaxmi (Meghalekha) hails from the same village, the daughter of Indravathi Patel (Indraja). She has found Balaraju as her mate from childhood, and somehow they end up loving each other. But what happens when Indravathi Patel finds out about their relationship? How will they end up? That’s what the story is about.


“Bootcut Balaraju” stars Syed Sohel Ryan, well-known from Bigg Boss Telugu, alongside Meghalekha. It tells the tale of Balaraju, a carefree lad enjoying life with his buddies, and Mahalaxmi, who’s harbored a crush on him since they were kids. But when Mahalaxmi’s mom, Indravathi Patel, catches wind of their romance, things take a twist.

Bootcut Balaraju Movie Poster

Bootcut Balaraju Movie Poster

The film aims to spotlight Sohel’s acting chops and attract a broad audience, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark. The first half is light and amusing, filled with jokes and romance, but it lacks depth. The second half drags, testing viewers’ patience, and the finale feels overly dramatic and uninspiring.

On the upside, Sohel shines in both comedic and heartfelt moments, carrying the film admirably. Meghalekha also delivers a solid performance, and supporting actors like Sunil and Indraja leave a mark in their roles. However, the storytelling could be more captivating, and some scenes feel repetitive.

Regarding the technical aspects, the writing and music are passable, while the editing could be crisper. The cinematography and production values are decent.

Overall, “Bootcut Balaraju” struggles to maintain audience engagement, despite commendable performances. With a tighter narrative and more compelling storytelling, it could have fared better.


  • Lead performances
  • Few comedy scenes


  • Regular story
  • Boring narrative
  • Editing and music could have been better

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography and production values of “Bootcut Balaraju” are decent, capturing the rural setting adequately. However, the editing could be tighter, and the music fails to leave a lasting impact.


Overall, while the performances, particularly by Syed Sohel Ryan, are commendable, “Bootcut Balaraju” struggles to maintain engagement due to its predictable storyline and pacing issues.