Darling Movie Glimpse Out Now

Priyadarshi, Nabha Natesh, Aswin Raam, K Niranjan Reddy, PrimeShow Entertainments Film Titled Darling, Amusing Title Glimpse Out Now

K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment who delivered the Pan India sensational blockbuster HanuMan announced his next production venture with Smt Chaitanya presenting it. Priyadarshi who is riding high with the success of Balagam, Om Bheem Bush, and Save The Tigers series playing the lead, while Nabha Natesh is making a comeback after an injury with a romcom directed by Aswin Raam.

The makers announced the films title Darling with an interesting tagline of Why This Kolaveri? The firstlook poster that shows Priyadarshis marriage proposal to Nabha Natesh is as pleasing as the title. The title announcement glimpse is totally amusing as it shows the relationship between Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh.

It starts with a funny conversation between Priyadarshi and a barber in the saloon. When the barber asks why Darshi is gloomy, he enlightens the mindsets of females in different stages of their lives. He says girls are loving and affectionate when they are mothers, and supportive and protective when they are sisters. When the same girl is a lover, she is cute and bubbly and understands us a lot. But what if that girl gets married, they turn our life upside down? Then, we get to see Nabha roasting Darshi verbally.

The title announcement glimpse promises Darling will be an outandout entertainer that will connect to all sections of audiences. While Mahesh Babus Pedave Palikina is used to show a mothers love for her son, Pawan Kalyans Annayya Annavante song is used to demonstrate brothersister bonding, and Prabhas Mellagaa Karagani song is meant to show the intimacy between lovers. This overall concept is a unique idea, while the fight between the couple brings a new and comic perspective to the narrative.

The title glimpses idea of depicting womens state of mind through popular songs shows the creative side of the director Aswin Raam. Given the movie is coming from the makers of HanuMan there will be extra anticipation for it.

Ananya Nagalla plays a crucial role in the movie which also features many noted actors. A team of talented technicians is handling different crafts.

Naresh is the lensman, whereas Vivek Sagar will provide the music. Hemanth pens the dialogues, while Pradeep E Ragav of love todaywill edit the movie. Gandhi is the production designer.

Cast :

Priyadarshi, Nabha Natesh

Technical Crew :

Director: Aswin Raam
Music: Vivek Sagar
DOP: Naresh
Editor: Pradeep E Ragav