Devil Movie Trailer Launched

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Devil Movie Trailer Launched

Devil has all the commercial elements along with a new story: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram at trailer launch event
Nandamuri Kalyanram is known for his knack in selecting unique scripts right from the beginning of his career is bringing another interesting film titled Devil. The film’s tagline – The British Secret Agent raised curiosity.
The film is directed and produced by Abhishek Nama. Audience eagerly waiting to witness this exciting spy thriller in theatres.
The film is releasing worldwide on December 29th across Pan India in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam.
Makers unveiled theatrical trailer in a grand launch event on 12th December.
On this occasion,

Writer Srikanth Vissa said, “Thanks to Kalyan Ram garu for his trust and support. Also thanks to director producer Abhishek Garu and thanks to cinematographer Soundar Rajan and editor Tammiraju garu. Harshavardhan Rameshwar has provided great music. Thanks to everyone.

Cinematographer Soundar Rajan said, “Kalyan Ram garu suggested me to be the cinematographer for this film. Abhishek has been amazingly supportive. “We are coming to theatres on December 29.”

Music director Harshavardhan Rameshwar said, “I think everyone loved the trailer. You saw so little in the trailer, it will be a blast on big screens.on December 29th. Thanks to Kalyan Ram garu and Abhishek garu for the opportunity. See you on December 29.

Editor Tammiraju said, “Enjoy watching Devil movie in theaters on December 29. Thank you.”

Abhishek Nama, director and producer of the film said, “I think everyone liked Devil’s trailer. To make a new concept film like this, we need heroes with guts to come forward and one such hero is our Kalyan Ram garu. For two years, Kalyan Ram garu worked without making any other film. Kalyan Ram garu was seen less in the trailer and you will see his vishwaroop in theatres on December 29th. Action and performance are stunning. To make a period movie like this, there should be a good team work. Cinematographer Soundar Rajan garu, Srikanth garu, Action Master Venkat garu all participated in this movie for two years. This year started with a blockbuster like Veerasimha Reddy and it will be completed with a blockbuster Devil on December 29. Thanks to Samyukta and Malvika. Thanks to everyone who supported.”

Malavika Nair said, “Some films will break the image of actors. Those kind of films are rare and I found such a movie in the form of Devil. Thanks to Abhishek garu for the opportunity. Srikanth garu narrates brilliantly. Harsha’s sound was overwhelming. I worked with Kalyan Ram garu for the first time. Also thanks to Abhishek Nama garu ari for the opportunity. Soundar Rajan worked like a pillar for the entire movie. Thanks to our entire team for the immense support.”

Samyukta Menon said, “The entire team worked hard for two years for Devil. The film has a good story and script. Thanks to Abhishek Nama sir for giving this opportunity.”

Hero Nandamuri Kalyan Ram said, “I said during Bimbisara that if there is a good story, visuals, music, and team work, the audience will come to the theatres and you made it true. In the same way, Devil is coming to theatres with good story, music and visuals. Thanks to Srikanth who prepared the story, Soundar Rajan garu who provided amazing visuals, Venkat Master, Ramakrishna Master, Costume Designer Rajesh Garu, who created a new world for this film which was made in 1940 back drop. Thanks to Abhishek Nama garu who thought that it would be good to see all these together and made a great film without any hesitation. Cinema is a team effort. The joy that comes when the audience appreciates it is different. On December 29, the devil will stun you in theatres. Take my word, Devil is going to be very good. Devil has a new story along with all the commercial elements you want.”

He added, “We will start Bimbisara 2 from April or May next year. Coming to my brother NTR’s film Devara. After making a movie like RRR, an actor, a director and a production house have a lot of responsibility in thier hands. Even if a small mistake happened, audience will bot spare. We know how hard it is to take responsibility. We will take care keeping in mind that the audience should enjoy while watching the movie in the theaters tomorrow. The Glimpse is coming soon. Currently glimpse work is going on and VFX taking lots of time. I need you all to be patient to witness a new world that we are going to show. The team will soon announce the release date of the glimpse. On 29th December, enjoy watching Devil.”