Dheera Movie Trailer Launched

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Dheera Movie Trailer Launched

Laksh Chadalawada who impressed everyone as a mass hero with movies like Valayam and Gangster Gangaraju is coming up with another mass action entertainer Dheera. This movie is produced by Padmavathi Chadalavada under the banner of Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara and presented by Chadalavada Brothers. Directed by Vikrant Srinivas, the glimpse and teaser generated hype for the movie. To keep up the curiosity, the makers came up with the films theatrical trailer.

The visuals, dialogues, hero elevation sequences, and the love track are the major highlights. The trailer starts with the dialogue, Ee Manishi Brain Undi Choodu, Adi Chaala Dangerous… Laksh makes a powerful entry with the dialogue: Raj Guru Ni Mana Attack Nundi Kapadalante… Ratham Nadipe Krishnudi Tho Paatu… Yuddham Chese Ramudu Ravali… Evadaina Untaadaa… The dialogue Vadi Peru Ranadhir… 62 Untaadu, gives elevation to his character.

The dialogue where the hero says, Nenu Currency Note Lantodini… Naku Character Ledu… signifies his eccentric character. The dialogue, I love you Manisha… I love you Amritha… shows the romantic angle of the hero. The hero goes into action mode by saying Ippati Daaka Love Story Chusav… Ippudu Action Movie Chupistha…

The dialogue, Vaadu Attack Chesthe Ela Untundo Thelusaa? Bhukampam Tharvatha Bhumi Laa Untundi… takes the heroism to another level. The last dialogue, Nenu Yuddham Cheyadam Entraa.. Yuddhame Mimmalni Ventaduthoo Vetaduthoo Vasthondi… Re 25 Lakshalatho Modalaina Naa Journey Re 2500 Cr Ki Cheridni… increased the inquisitiveness.

The film which has completed all the formalities will have a grand release on February 2nd.

Cast :

Laksh Chadalavada, Neha Pathan, Soniya Bansal, Mirchi Kiran, Himaja, Naveen Neni, Bharani Shankar, Samrat, Bobby Bedi, Viva Raghav, Bhushan, Meka Ramakrishna, and Sandhyarani are the other important roles in this film.

Technicians :

Banner: Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films
Producer: Padmavathi Chadalavada
Music: Sai Kartheek
Cinematography: Kanna PC
Editor: Vinay Ramaswamy. V