Double Engine Movie Review

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Double Engine Movie Review

Double Engine

Double Engine

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Double Engine” is a Telugu indie film written by Rohit-Sasi and directed by Rohit Penumatsa. The music for the film has been composed by Vivek Sagar, and Siddharth Rapalli is the producer under the Waltair Productions banner. The primary cast comprises newcomers.


Danny, who drives a shared auto in Hyderabad, goes home to Tatipalli for his 21st birthday. When his friend Gopi tells him about a snake with two heads, they think it can make them a lot of money. With another friend named Narsing, they ask a snake charmer named Mouli for help. They hope to catch the snake and fulfill their dreams of making money. The story follows whether they succeed in finding the snake or not.


“Double Engine” is a lively indie film that closely examines the village cultures of Telangana. The story kicks off with a metro train, symbolizing the double en gines in the title and the dual lives of the characters.

Danny, an auto driver, and another individual running a store in their village, are the central characters. The movie features a song that, although not directly connected to the scenes, adds a quirky charm. The director portrays a day in Danny’s life, showcasing interactions with various customers, ranging from IT employees to individuals who consume narcotics or ganja. After this urban setting, the narrative shifts to Danny’s village, where the character of Gopi is introduced along with his daily activities in his shop.

Danny returns to his village on his birthday, sparking a natural clash over a banner. The film starts a bit slowly, lacking the required momentum. One day, Gopi reveals that he has found a snake, a sand boa also referred to as Double Engine, because it has two heads. Danny contacts one of his acquaintances in Hyderabad and attempts to capitalize on this unique snake by smuggling it.

In the second half, the focus shifts to the search for the snake. They enlist the help of a snake catcher who performs a traditional Pooja, adding cultural flavor. The humor in this section, with genuinely funny lines, stands out. These moments feel authentic, like everyday conversations.

The film also incorporates common cuss words naturally, making the humor relatable. It differs from forced jokes, feeling like an integral part of the characters  lives. To avoid spoilers, I’ll keep the question of whether they find the snake a mystery.


  1. Casting and Performances
  2. Funny Moments
  3. Natural and Relatable Portrayals to Real Life


  1. Slow Pace
  2. Unnecessarily Prolonged Scenes
  3. Clear Music, but Songs are Difficult to Understand

Technical Aspects:

Sasi’s writing and Rohit’s direction are decent. The camera work is okay but could have been better, and the same applies to the editing. The dialogues are good and lead to engaging conversations. Vivek Sagar’s music is good and stands out, but the songs are okay, with some lyrics being understandable while others are not.


“Double Engine” explores local cultures, blending humor, authentic characters, and cultural practices. While the beginning may be a bit slow, the second half delivers genuine laughs and a story that captures the everyday experiences of people.

Movie Detials :

Movie Title : Double Engine
Banner : Waltair Productions
Release Date : 05-01-2024
Censor Rating : “ A “
Cast : Shanthi Muni, Ajith Mohan, Rohit Narasimha, Gayatri Gupta
Director : Rohit Penumasta
Music : Vivek Sagar
Cinematography : Shashank Raghavula
Editor : Rohit Penumasta
Producer : Siddarth Rallapalli
Runtime : 105 minutes