Ee Rojullo Review.

Ee Rojullo Movie Wallpapers

Title: Ee Rojullo

Banner: Maruthi Media House Production

Cast: Sri, Reshma

Music: J B

Producer: Good Cinema Group

Director: Maruthi

Story line:

Shree (Srinivas) and Shreya (Reshma) are two people in this big bad large world who have been duped in love !!! Both of them are fighting away their anger and disgust with the word LOVE.

Shree had been used by a girl to her benefit (drains him off of a cool 3 lacs). Shreya in the mean while comes to know that her forever boyfriend is not genuine. They both turn away from LOVE.

After what seems ages they smile at each other knowing that they will not ever fall in love. But fate has other intentions. They do get attracted to each other. Kishore, the jilted boyfriend of Shreya , returns with vengeance trying to destroy her face and life with acid.

The story evolves slowly and lets the viewer into a light journey, blissfully. The hero does a good job assigned to him and the heroine excels in her portrayal.

Technical credits:

Story : Good

Screenplay: Good

Editing: Good

Cinematography: Good

Direction: Good

Music: Above average

Rating: 3.5