Eka Veera Review.

Eka Veera Movie Wallpapers


The screen starts with a story happening in 18th century. Veera Puli (Aadhi) is a thief in a village full of thieves. Veera Puli hides his identity. An incident occurs where he has to reveal his actual identity. Veera Puli’s real name is Chinna. He will be hiding his identity for nine years from his village people and he need to spend another year to save his life. What will happen if he saves his identity and why should be hiding for ten years? Forms the remaining story.


Aadi is raw and powerful. He gave his best in his role. Dhansika is best in her role. Every character gave his performance in such a way, as if we are watching a situation in 18th century.


Music is Okay. Editing is good. Cinematography and Art direction are priceless. It’s director Vasantha Balan’s greatness to take up such a complicated script. His direction is impeccable.

 Final Word:

Eka Veera is a movie with high technical values. This movie must be watched because of the technical values.