Extra Ordinary Man Movie Review

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Extra Ordinary Man Movie Review

Extra Ordinary Man

Extra Ordinary Man

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“Extra (Ordinary Man)” is a Telugu movie written and directed by Vakkantham Vamsi and produced by N Sudhakar Reddy and Nikitha Reddy under Ruchira Entertainments. The film stars Nithin and Sreeleela in lead roles, with Rao Ramesh, Sampath Raj, Rajashekar, Harsha Vardhan, Sudev Nair, Brahmaji, Rohini, and other notable actors in supporting roles. The film’s music is composed by Harris Jayaraj, and Arthur A. Wilson ISC, Yuvraj J, Sai Sriram handle the cinematography. Prior to the movie’s release, Nithin mentioned that the film was crafted with the sole purpose of bringing laughter to the audience. The response from viewers may have sparked hopes among Nithin’s fans for a long-awaited hit after “Bheeshma.” Let’s see if this much-anticipated hit has finally arrived.

Story –

The film revolves around Abhi (Nithin), a junior artist, who believes he’s unlucky in life and goes to great lengths for acting, willing to do anything to prove he is an extraordinary actor. The story unfolds when he chooses to enact a movie script in real life to establish his existence. What motivates him to take such a step forms the rest of the story.

Analysis –

“Extra (Ordinary Man)” follows Abhi, a junior artist striving for recognition in the acting realm. Nithin impresses with his acting prowess and energy, embodying the role seamlessly. Rao Ramesh, portraying a frustrated father, leaves a lasting impact with his stellar performance. Rohini, as the supportive mother, injects humor into the storyline. While Abhi’s family characters are amusingly established, Sreeleela’s underdeveloped character feels like a missed opportunity. Harshavardhan, Brahmaji, and Sampath Raj bring delightful moments. Sudev Nair, as the antagonist Nero, performs well, although his character lacks thorough establishment. Raja Shekar’s brief but impactful special cameo adds to the movie’s charm.

The film kicks off energetically with Sampath Raj’s introduction, followed by Nithin’s entry with action and a massy look. Nithin narrates the story to Sampath Raj, creating a narrative dynamic between the two characters. The movie presents a comical family and inquisitive neighbors, generating consistent laughter in the first half. Nithin’s struggles as a junior artist, marriage scenes, Sreeleela’s introduction, and family moments with Harshavardhan contribute to the humor. When Nithin’s character faces rejection in the movie, he decides to enact a real-life script to assert his existence as an actor.

Extra Ordinary Man Movie Poster

Extra Ordinary Man Movie Poster

The movie cleverly weaves in real-life topics like VD and Rashmika, Balayya slapping his fans, Naresh-Pavithra marriage, and Ustad Bhagat Singh. Iconic songs, including “Evvaru Emanna” for Naresh-Pavithra, “Nenu Edakelthe Neeketi Annai” for VD and Rashmika, “Abbani Teeyani Debba” for Balayya, and “Na Petteki Taalam Teesi” in the police station scene involving Nithin, Brahmaji, Hyper Aadhi, Chammak Chandra, and Soniya Singh, contribute to exceptional comedy. The second half maintains freshness, making the movie watchable despite a slight dip in energy.

Highs –

  •  Strong performances by Nithin and Rao Ramesh.
  •  The inclusion of iconic and memorable songs enhances the movie’s appeal.
  •  Engaging and fun-filled first half.
  •  A fresh approach to storytelling.

Lows –

  •  The second half follows a routine story.
  •  Some scenes might feel cringeworthy to certain audiences.
  •  Inadequate establishment of characters for Sudev Nair and Sreeleela.

Technical Aspects –

The music by Harris Jayaraj is good, blending well with the movie. The production values and design contribute to appealing visuals, thanks to cinematographers Arthur A. Wilson ISC, Yuvraj J, and Sai Sriram. Director Vakkantham Vamsi did an okay job, handling the first half well. However, in the second half, the story becomes routine, lacking innovation except for a fresh approach to the script. The director falls short in establishing the characters of the villain Nero and Sreeleela, aspects that could have impacted the overall result of the movie.

Verdict –

“Extra (Ordinary Man)” doesn’t entirely live up to its title, but it delivers fresh comedy. The good first half, coupled with an okayish second half, positions this film as above average, potentially reaching hit status if the audience embraces the humor. It’s recommended for a weekend watch.

Movie title: Extra Ordinary Man

Banner: Ruchira Entertainments

Release date: 08.12.2023

Censor rating: “U/A”

Cast: Nithiin, Sreeleela, Dr. Rajasekhar, Sudhev Nair, Rao Ramesh, Rohini, Brahmaji

Story – Director: Vakkantham Vamsi

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography: Yuvaraj J, Arthur A. Wilson, Sai Sriram

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Producers: N Sudhakar Reddy, Nikitha Reddy

Runtime: 157 Minutes