Family Star Movie Success Meet

“We have reached our target; the family audience are appreciating our Family Star- Team at Success Meet

“The Vijay Devarakonda-starrer Family Star movie has hit theaters worldwide today and is receiving a super hit response from all over. The family audience is connecting well with this movie. Family Star is running with House Fulls in every theater of its release. The second show ticket bookings are filling up fast. In the backdrop of the success of Family Star, the film unit organized success celebrations. The female audience participated in this program and honored the team members of the Family Star.”

“At this success meet, Producer Dil Raju said – Yesterday, we held a press meet for our Family Star movie with the families of media friends. We were eagerly awaiting the movie’s release. Messages started coming from the US as early as four o’clock in the morning. He mentioned that family audiences are mostly going to theaters. Shows started at half-past seven in the morning in Hyderabad. I watched the movie at Sree Ramulu and Brahmarambha, Kukatpally. 90 percent of the youth audience were in the theater. I thought that the audience would respond well to every scene. The audience remained silent for ten minutes after the movie started. The response started from Mrunal’s entry. After a while, they all got involved and started enjoying the movie. The first report from the US is superb. The second half was slow for a while, but from the pre-climax, it was very good again. However, when I watched it in Hyderabad, the entire hall was enjoying the film. They also liked the Vijay and Mrunal combo scenes in the second half. Overall, the movie Family Star has reached our target family audience. Family audiences are going to theaters in large crowds. The reviews from the media are consistent with this. The response from the family audience who watched the movie is different. 90 percent of them liked Family Star. That’s why we asked the family audience who saw the movie to happily come and accept our team. We also accept the statements they give in their reviews, just as the media accepts the statements we give. After watching the media show, media friends who were in touch with me called and told me that they enjoyed watching Family Star with their family. The audience likes the emotion that we have shown between grandma and grandchild in the movie, and the emotion that we have shown between grandfather, children, and brothers. More families should watch the film, then they will also feel the feedback we received. Enjoy Family Star this summer. If you like the movie after watching it, tell others. We are going to identify the family stars who have brought their family to a great position in the two Telugu states and meet them from tomorrow. We have already selected three such families. Personally, Vijay, Parasuram, Mrunal, and I are going to go and surprise that family star.”


Director Parasuram Petla said – “Family Star movie is released worldwide today. Audiences from all walks of life are sending messages saying that they like the movie. Whatever family emotions I strongly believed in and wrote the story, they reached the family audience. For every single family member who patiently works hard to make the family good, be it brother, mother, or father, I have made the film Family Star as a dedication to them. Those who have seen it, see it again. I want to take such a good movie to the society. Thanks for the good response.”


Heroine Mrunal Thakur said – “Thanks to all the audience who made the movie Family star a success. I’m very happy. I watched the movie with the audience. They are feeling emotional, clapping, and laughing. I have done Indu role, Vijay done Govardhan character as well as grandmother, Vadina, and children characters are feeling the emotion in them. Thus I feel that I have justified my character. Both Indu and Govardhan are characters like you and me. As an actress sometimes you have to do soft characters and sometimes tough characters. I got a chance to show myself to the audience as an actress in Family Star. I cannot forget the media’s support for our film for the past week. Watch the movie Family Star.”