Foreign Instrumentals for Devil Movie Maya Chesave Song

Maaya Chesave song in Devil – A blend of vintage music and setting

In the movie Devil, Maaya Chesave song beautifully portrays the journey of love between the hero (Kalyanram) and the heroine (Samyuktha Menon).

The film is set in the 1940s during the Madras Presidency era. To capture the period-romance feel, director-producer Abhishek Nama chose traditional South Indian houses and palatial mansions like Kanadukathan Palace (at Karaikudi), to create an authentic backdrop for the romance to unfold.

Music too played an important role in elevating the cinematic experience. Abhishek Nama and composer Harshavardhan Rameshwar have imported unique vintage music instruments to capture the essence of orchestration in the period romance.

Drums and percussions – African Djembe from South Africa, Bongo, Djembe, and Duff drums from Malaysia, Chinese Mouth Organ, Darbuka, and Ocean Percussion from Dubai, Fiber Congo drums from Singapore, Hourglass-shaped talking drum from West Africa, among many. These soundscapes helped to transport the audience back to the bygone era thereby complementing the narrative of the film.