Game On Movie Pre Game Event

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Game On Movie Pre Game Event

We are immensely confident on Game On: Team at Pre Game Event

Geetanand and Neha Solanki will be seen in meaty roles in the upcoming action thriller Game On, produced by Ravi Kasturi under the banner of Kasturi Creations and Golden Wings Productions, Presented by Sakshi Ravi (Sai Lakshmi Talari). Dayanandh has wielded the megaphone. The film is all set for a grand release on February 2nd. Following the completion of all prerelease activities, the film is building momentum with its wellreceived teaser, trailer, and songs. Today makers arranged grand pre game event and producer Vivek Kuchibotla, actor Siva Balaji and others graced the event. On this occasion,

DOP Arvind Vishwanath said, Hi, everyone. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Dayanandh had all the references and directed in a stylish way. Geetanand did an excellent job in the action sequences.

Editor Vamsi Atluri said, Thank you for this opportunity. Dayanandh and I worked together for almost a year. We spent nearly three months in editing, aiming to bring something new to the audience through our edits. I hope you all like it on February 2nd.

Music directors Ashwin and Arun stated, Our journey with the film Game On began about one and a half years ago. Dayanadh approached us for a demo, and when we completed the track, he was very happy. He returned after six months and announced that we were going to make this film. Were thankful to the entire Game On team for this wonderful opportunity. It has truly been a gamechanging experience for us.

Music director Abhishek AR said, I want to thank director Dayanandh and our hero Geetanand for this opportunity. When we met, Geetanand was looking for something new and fresh. I created a few pieces that complemented Arvinds stunning visuals. Id also like to thank producer Ravi Kasturi.

Actor Kireeti said, Game On is very special to me. Working with Geetanand, Dayanadh, Neha Solanki, Kumar, and all the other actors and technicians was incredibly inspiring. Dayanandh had clear references and executed them perfectly. Thank you for making me a part of this amazing team. I was a gamer in superhit films like Meeku Meere Maaku Meme, Zombie Reddy, and now Game On, and I hope this streak continues.

Actors Max and Mary said, Thanks for giving us the wonderful opportunity to be part of such an amazing team.

Heroine Neha Solanki said, Im so glad to be part of this beautiful film. Thanks to Geetanand for being such a kind and great costar. Thanks to DOP Arvind for making us look imperfectly perfect. Im so proud of all of us. We have seen lots of ups and downs throughout the journey.

Veteran Actor Subhalekha Sudhakar said, I would like to thank the guest Shiva Balaji and all the team members for coming here. From birth to death, we are all playing some game. Ive played a key role in the film. I get scared seeing the new generation because the whole team had immense confidence in the film. Hats off to them. May God bless you all. Game On is definitely a good film, and we need your support. Watch Game On in theatres on February 2nd.

Actor Siva Balaji said, Thank you for inviting me to the prerelease event. The team showed me the pilot scenes, and before that, I used to think Geetanand was just a young boy. But believe me, after watching, every shot mesmerized me. All credit goes to the director. Cameraman Arvind did a wonderful job. Wishing good luck to Dayanadh, Geetanand, Neha Solanki, Kumar, Suresh, Kireeti, and the entire team.

Director Dayanandh: First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our Game On trailer. I want to thank my parents for their support. I want to thank my producer, Ravi Kasturi Garu, for going all out for the film and giving us the freedom to shoot lavishly. Im so confident about the film. I dont know why other filmmakers make films, but I only make films for the audience, for the content they like. The film will be very unique in terms of story and screenplay. Thanks to Vivek Kuchibotla Garu and actor Siva Balaji for gracing the event. I want to thank all my technicians and actors for making my dream a reality. Watch Game On on February 2nd and support us.

Hero Geetanand said, Thanks to the young and fresh minds who supported us after seeing the teaser and trailer. Thanks to Vivek Kuchibotla sir, for your support from the backend. Thanks to all the guests, actors, and Siva Balaji Mama for gracing the event. Im super confident about the film. I think this psychological realtime game concept has never been attempted in Telugu cinema. The film will have a unique narration, lots of twists and turns which will engage the audience till the end. Weve made the film with a lot of sincerity, effort, and hard work. I believe you will recommend it to others after watching Game On.

Geetanand became emotional and said, Many people told me that I needed support to get chances, and I literally faced a lifeanddeath situation. I prayed to God for one more chance, and thats Game On. This is not a lowbudget film; it has crazy quality, and you will see the perfect work of 24 crafts. Thanks to my producer Ravi Kasturi, who gave full support to the team. He always wanted our film to stand out, and I believe he will earn the name of a blockbuster producer with Game On. The film has a solid cast, and with this team, my brother and director Dayanandh got what he wanted without any compromise. Thanks to my coactor Neha Solanki, Kireeti, Subhalekha Sudhakar Garu, and our whole team.


Geetanand, Neha Solanki, Aditya Menon, Madhubala, Vasanthi, Kiriti, Shubhalekha Sudhakar and others


Music director: Abishek AR
Cinematography: Aravind Vishwanathan
Editor: Vamsi Atluri
Producer: Ravi Kasturi
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Dayanandh