Gangs of Godavari Movie Review
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“Gangs of Godavari” is a Telugu-language action drama film written and directed by Krishna Chaitanya. It is produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya under the banners of Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas. The film stars Vishwak Sen, Anjali, Neha Shetty, Nassar, and P. Sai Kumar. The music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, with cinematography by Anith Madadi and editing by Naveen Nooli. Vishwak is looking for a comeback at the box office, and the content released by the makers of “Gangs of Godavari” has generated interest among the audience. Today, the film was released in theaters. Let’s see what Vishwak has in store for the audience.


In the village of Kovvuru, Lankala Ratnam (Vishwak Sen) harbors dreams of success. He initially aligns himself with MLA Dorasami Raju’s (Goparaju Ramana) faction, but later shifts his loyalty to Nanaji’s (Nasser) group, eventually becoming an MLA. However, his ambitious methods earn him many enemies. As he transforms into the formidable Tiger Ratnakar, he faces numerous challenges. The story unfolds as we see how Ratnakar navigates these obstacles. Additionally, the film explores the character of Bujji (played by Neha Shetty) and her connection to Ratnakar, adding further intrigue to his journey. The audience is left to discover what Ratnakar’s next moves will be as the drama unfolds on the big screen.


Vishwak Sen delivers a decent performance as Lankala Ratnakar, adeptly capturing the character’s transformation from vulnerability to arrogance with his use of the Godavari accent. Anjali, despite limited screen time, performs strongly, while Neha Sshetty impresses with a distinct role. The first half features exciting action sequences enhanced by Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music, and supporting actors like Goparaju Ramana, Nassar, and Hyper Aadi add depth to the story.

However, the movie loses momentum in the second half and fails to maintain the same level of excitement. Krishna Chaitanya’s direction is solid, but the screenplay lacks the punch needed to keep the audience engaged. Neha Sshetty’s character could have been more developed, and Anjali’s role could have been expanded. Goparaju Ramana’s portrayal of an MLA lacks depth, and casting a more notable actor might have added intrigue. Some potentially impactful scenes are presented too plainly, missing the chance for greater impact.

Technically, Anith Madhadi’s cinematography and Navin Nooli’s editing in the first half enhance the film’s visual appeal, although the editing could be more consistent. High production values add to the film’s polish. While Krishna Chaitanya’s direction is commendable, the second half could have benefited from tighter pacing and a more engaging narrative. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s score stands out, effectively enhancing the film’s mood and intensity.


  • Major cast performances
  • Film’s score
  • Action scenes


  • Screenplay lacks punch
  • Second half
  • Could have explored the major characters more

Technical Aspects:

Anith Madhadi’s cinematography and Navin Nooli’s editing significantly enhance the film’s visual appeal, particularly in the first half. However, the editing could have been more consistent throughout the movie. High production values contribute to the film’s overall polish.

Krishna Chaitanya’s direction is commendable overall, though the second half would have benefited from tighter pacing and a more engaging narrative. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s score is a standout feature, effectively enhancing the movie’s mood and intensity.


While the film showcases notable performances and well-designed action sequences, its shortcomings in character development and pacing prevent it from reaching its full potential, resulting in a mixed viewing experience. Overall, it offers moments of entertainment but falls short of delivering a cohesive and engaging narrative.

Movie Details:

Movie Title : Gangs of Godavari

Banners: Sithara Entertainments, Fortune Four Cinemas

Release Date : 31-05-2024

Censor Rating : “U/A”

Cast : Vishwak Sen, Neha Shetty, Anjali

Director: Krishna Chaitanya

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography : Anith Madhadi

Editing: Navin Nooli

Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, Sai Soujanya

Run time:-146 minutes