Gautham launched 1 Rhyme

Gautham launched 1 Rhyme

‘Peter Tata Statue ke

Bye Bye …Bye Bye

Hamsala Friends ki Hai Chepai’

This is the rhyme written by music director Devi Sri Prasad for the movie ‘1-Nenokkadine’ and this rhyme which comes in the climax scene in the movie was liked by everyone. Super Star Mahesh Babu son Gautham was seen in the scenes related to this rhymes. On 24th January , Prince Gautham has released the  ‘1-Nenokkadie’ Rhyme among 100 orphan children.

Ram Achanta one of the producers of the movie ‘1-Nenokkadine’ told during this occasion “ In audio CD of the movie we did not include this rhyme , after the release of the movie ‘1-Nenokkadine’ everyone liked the rhyme especially children. Many people were asking to release this rhyme , that is why we are releasing this Rhyme CD through Lahari music . ‘1-Nenokkadine ‘ has completed 2 weeks and is entering successfully into the third week. We want to thank audience for making this movie a success.’

Prince Gautham has distributed school bags to all the orphan children who participated in the programme. Namratha Mahesh, Tabitha Kumar, Director Sukumar’s daughter Baby Sukruthi, Executive Producer Koti Paruchuri, PRO B.A.Raju have attended the event.