Greeku Veerudu Movie Review

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Greeku Veerudu Movie Review

GreekuveeruduMovie: Greeku Veerudu

Rating :3.25/5

Cast : Nagarjuna, Nayantara, Meera Chopra, K.Vishwanath, M.S.Narayana, Brahmanadam and others

Director : K. Dasaradh Kumar

Producer : D. Siva Prasad Reddy

Music : S.S.Thaman

Story :
Greeku Veerudu Nagarjuna is boss of Event management company in USA. He does not believe in love, family values and relationships. He thinks making money is the main motive. When one  of his events turns out to be a flop, the client sues him for 5 million dollars and he doesn’t have that much money with him. So he goes to his hometown that he did not visit for last 30 years in order get money from his ancestral property. He meets Nayantara in his journey. Nayantara is completely opposite to Nagarjuna’s character. She is caring, family oriented and she believes that spreading love is the prime duty of a Human Being. Rest of the story is about how they fall in Love?  Will nag get the money and will he be able to get out of pending case in USA? Will Nag change his heart and become a family guy?

Actor performances :
Nagarjuna has many shades in his character. In the start he plays a playboy and an opportunistic businessman. Later he plays the good family guy. Nagarjuna plays both roles to perfection. Nagarjuna’s looks are a highlight in this movie. Nayantara played her part decently, she llooked gorgeous in the songs and wedding sequence. M.S.Narayana  and Brahmanandam were the primary source of comedy in the film. K. Vishwanath plays a wise old man role. He has played that character so many times, that he has become flawless playing that role. All the other cast members have done a decent job.

Technical Aspects:
Dasarath’s Greeku Veerudu is a complete family entertainer like his past movies. Screenplay is a drawback in the movie. It goes well in the first half of the movie. But in the second half movie’s pace is quite slow. The songs in the second half are also a bit boring. Dialogues in this movie are a big plus point too. Cinematographer Anil Bandari has done the camera work brilliantly. Movie was mostly shot in America and India. The CGI work in the movie is not upto the mark. The movie looks very rich on the screen. The camera is a big asset to the movie. Music by Thaman is decent, the songs in the second half are not that impressive. Editing was done by veteran Marthand K. Venkatesh. It is good with no complaints whatsoever. The production values of this film are also very high.


Dasarath has stuck to his style of making films that talk about relationships and family values. He has done the same with Greeku Veerudu too. However movie draws influences from movies like Athadu and Dasarath’s last movie Mr. perfect. The performances put by the actors is impressive. The scenes between Nag and K. Vishwanath are also good. Cinematography is a highlight. The movie lacks bit of entertainment factor in the start of second half. This part is a dull moment in the movie. The comedy part is good but it manages to evoke few laughs only. Greeku Veerudu is a great family movie and it talks great about love and family ties and its values.

Bottom-line : Greeku Veerudu is a good movie. Watch it with your family for an enjoyable time.