Heroine Iswarya Menon Interview

I will impress in the character of Indu, a traditional girl in the movie Bhaje Vaayu Vegam: Iswarya Menon

Heroine Iswarya Menon, who impressed with her stylish action in the movie Spy, will be seen in Bhaje Vaayu Vegam in a completely contrasting character. Starring hero Kartikeya Gummakonda, this film is produced under the banner of UV Concepts, a prestigious production company, UV Creations. Rahul Tyson of Happy Days fame plays a pivotal role. Director Prashanth Reddy has crafted this film as an emotional action thriller. Bhaje Vaayu Vegam is set for a worldwide grand theatrical release on the 31st of this month. On this occasion, heroine Iswarya Menon interacted with media about the film.

I play a character named Indu in the movie Bhaje Vaayu Vegam. She is a beautician and naturally beautiful. The hero in this movie is named Venkat, and the entire movie is seen from his perspective. My character is pivotal to the story. Although this is a commercial film, my character is not like the typical heroine who just comes and goes. This girl will do anything for Venkat because she likes him so much. Bhaje Vaayu Vegam is a raw content movie with impressive action and emotion. I enjoy working on such subjects, and being a part of a big banner like UV Creations made me accept the film immediately.

In this movie, I will be seen in a traditional character, wearing sarees or traditional dresses. I love playing such characters because I enjoy wearing traditional clothes in real life. After Spy, I received offers in Telugu. Can you select movies as an option? Not only in Telugu but also in Tamil and Malayalam films. I like the Telugu industry and want to do more movies here, but when an exciting project comes in other industries, you cant say no. I got a chance to work with Mammootty in Malayalam, and opportunities to act with such legends dont come often.

In Spy, I wore modern dresses and performed stylish action sequences. My character in Bhaje Vaayu Vegam is completely different from my role in Spy. We love every movie we work on, but the outcome is not in our hands. I want all my movies to be super hits, but the result depends on the audience. They must like the movie and support it for it to succeed. Thats what I think about Spy. The entire team worked hard, but the result was not as expected.

Bhaje Vaayu Vegam has action and emotion, as well as love and romance, though the love romance part is less prominent. The story has twists and turns, and director Prashanth keeps them under wraps. I did not dub my character in this movie because the director thought another voice would suit better.

I enjoyed acting with Kartikeya. I saw his movie RX 100 and wanted to work with him. He is friendly with everyone. I am a Bharatanatyam dancer and desire to do good dance numbers. I love to dance but havent yet had a good dance number. I also want to take on performanceoriented characters. Its important to be recognized as a commercial film heroine.

UV Creations has produced many amazing movies, and I am proud to work as a heroine in such a reputable company. Vamsi and Pramod, our producers, are making successful movies with good content. UV Creations takes good care of everyone working on their films. They are humble, and working with them has been a joyful experience.

After Spy, Bhaje Vaayu Vegam, is releasing but Bhaje Vaayu Vegam was the first movie I signed. So, director Prashanth Reddy technically introduced me to Tollywood. He said I was suitable for this character. When he narrated the script over the phone, I felt it would be a very good movie. Prashanth predicted I would be good for Telugu films. He is very strict and has a clear vision for the film. You will see Prashanths talent in the theater. Radhan provided the music, and the song has become very popular.

I come from a small town called Erode in Tamil Nadu, from a middleclass family. My brother is a doctor, and I did engineering. I was very popular during my school days and became famous for acting in commercials and participating in school cultural activities. After completing engineering, I focused entirely on acting. I am proud of the recognition Ive earned in the industry, which I achieved on my own. Audience acceptance is important for any artist. A career here is good if there is audience acceptance before offers and success. I am trying to gain that acceptance. Currently, I am working on three films in Telugu and have signed another one, which will be announced soon. Discussions are ongoing for two more movies, and I am also doing a love story in Tamil.