Heroine Neha Sshetty Interview

Bujji is the journey of a vulnerable girl to a strong woman: Neha Sshetty on Gangs of Godavari Neha Sshetty

Vishwak Sen, known for his versatility and dedicated performances, is steadily gaining more recognition. His upcoming project, Gangs of Godavari, promises to be an intense gangster drama. Scheduled for release on May 31, the film is written and directed by Krishna Chaitanya. Alongside Vishwak Sen, actresses Anjali and Neha Sshetty will portray the female leads, adding to the anticipation. Adding to the buzz is the involvement of music composer Yuvan Shankar Raj, making the movie even more appealing to audiences.
One of the leading ladies of the movie, Neha Sshetty, interacted with the media about the movie today. Excerpts from the interview:

I play Bujji in Gangs of Godavari. She is a beautiful, elegant, and vulnerable girl. She is a rich girl in a village. The specialty of Bujji is that she is a very strong woman. So far, whatever was shown in the trailer and songs was that of a quiet and vulnerable girl, but the surprise factor is that Bujji will be seen as a very strong woman. In general, women in villages are very vulnerable. They dont even look up. But how one such girl becomes very strong is Bujji in Gangs of Godavari.

This is a very different kind of script. Set against a 1990s backdrop, this is a lifes story between Rathnakar and Bujji. Our director showed me references to senior actress Sobhana Garu—be it the kajal, saree draping, or hairstyle, our director wanted it that way. In fact, my hair colour for the past year has been only one thing because we were very particular about Bujji. Even for looks, we did a lot of homework.

In the 1990s, acting wasnt outgoing. It is inward and quiet. It was very delicate, yet strong. Everything was through expressions. They show vulnerability and strength. Thats the specialty of Bujji. I have done 20s characters and outgoing characters, but this is different. Moreover, since I come from a rich family in the movie, my slang does not have the same Godavari accent as Rathnakar (Vishwaksen) will speak.
The story of the Gangs of Godavari is a journey. It starts from the younger days to the more mature days. The film is more about emotions. All the emotions that a woman goes through will be shown in this film.

Working with Vishwak was very good. We had known each other before the film, and working with him and doing romantic scenes was very comfortable. Our combination scenes came out very well.

Our director, Krishna Chaitanya, is a great human being. In one line, he is a man of few words. After watching the way he has written and done this film, you wont believe he is a man of few words. I feel like there is so much more to Krishna Chaitanya than this film, and it was great working with him. Our director is also from the Godavari side. The situations in the movie are something he has seen and grew up with. So he wrote about his experiences. Going by the trailer and posters, many people think that this film has a lot of killing and violence, but I would like to clarify that this film is a balance of a lot of genres except horror. There is romance, thriller, comedy, action, and a lot of emotion. The audience will be thoroughly entertained.

Both Anjali and I have been through the end of the film. It was a very healthy competition between us. We had combination scenes, although not many. Whatever we did, they were great. In real life, Anjali is very bubbly. She interacts with everyone on set. As soon as the director says action, she becomes quiet and completely gets into the acting zone. She is, of course, a senior actress, and she is great at her work.

We shot from summer to summer for exactly one year. The heat in Rajahmundry was terrible. I even heard that people on sets were fainting because of the extreme heat. We also had situations where we felt like nature was by our side. During one of the romantic scenes on the bridge between the hero and heroine, suddenly there was a drizzle. The mood was also naturally set for us.

For me, Sithara Entertainments is home. I am looking forward to doing more work with him. I am glad that we did good films that worked well, and I think our relationship has been very good with good films.