Iddarammayilatho Movie review

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Iddarammayilatho is a typical popcorn entertainer

Iddarammayilatho Movie review

Movie : iddarammayilatho
Rating : 3.5 / 5
Cast : Allu Arjun, Amala Paul, Katherine Teresa, Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani.
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Director: Puri Jagannath
Producer : Bandla Ganesh

Story: Akanksha (Katherine Teresa), who is the daughter of Indian central minister, comes to Europe to pursue her masters in psychology. After moving into a house, she finds the personal diary of Komali (Amala Paul), tenant who previously lived in the same house. She starts reading the diary, where the romantic love story of a guitarist Sanju(Allu Arjun) and Komali unfolds. But the diary ends abruptly, just before Sanju and Komali were about to get married. Akanksha meets Sanju and asks him about Komali’s whereabouts, Sanju says that she is dead and it is revealed that Komali is killed by a mafia gang after she accidentally video tapes them murdering a civilian. Akaknksha then feels very sad and unknowingly falls in love with Sanju. But, will Sanju accept Akanksha’s love? Is Sanju really the person whom he pretends to be? How will he avenge the death of his girlfriend?

Artist Performances:

Allu Arjun is definitely the star of the show. He carried the movie on his shoulders and delivered a power packed performance. His dances were a treat to watch and his comedy timing was perfect. Amala Paul did a decent job as a traditional south-Indian girl and had a substantial role in the movie, which is good for her. Katherine Teresa looked gorgeous and she is the other show stopper after Allu Arjun. She enacted the role of modern and bubbly Indian girl very well. More offers are to come for her from Tollywood for sure. Barhamanandam was hilarious as usual, his presence in 1st half made the movie much more entertaining.

Technical Aspects:

Movie was made with decent amount of budget and that shows on the screen in every frame. Whole movie was shot in Europe and was presented very well by the cinematographer. Music of the movie is a huge asset; Devi Sri Prasad did a wonderful job yet again with violin song being the chart-buster. Screenplay was very well handled by Puri Jagannath, he made sure audience are glued to the screen most of the time. On the whole movie is technically flawless.


Movie starts off a bit slowly, director takes some time to define the characters well and then moves into the entertainment mode with comedy and romance. Brahmanadam’s comedy in the 1st hour provides good amount of laughs to the viewers. Chemistry between Allu Arjun and Amala paul was awesome, director should be given credit for providing some engaging and entertaining dialogues between them. 1st half ends with an exceptional fight sequence and makes viewers anxious about what happens next. 2nd half starts with Katherine Teresa running behind Allu Arjun a bit and in the process there are some good songs with good music and dances. And then comes an unexpected twist that takes the movie into the climax. Climax of the movie is decently shot, with some entertaining one liners from the hero and a powerful fight sequence.

Ratings for the individual aspects of the movie:

Comedy: 3/5

Fights: 4/5

Dance: 3.5/5

Bottom-Line : Idharammayiltho has all the ingredients to spin money at the box-office this summer!