Karimnagars Most Wanted Web Series Release On 22nd December On Aha Telugu

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Karimnagars Most Wanted Web Series Release On 22nd December On Aha Telugu

Presented by Street Beatz Cinema, Balaji Bhuvanagiris direction Karimnagars Most Wanted Political Crime Drama Trailer Released

The series is directed by debutant Balaji Bhuvanagiri under the banner of Street Beatz Cinema, their first production. Aman Surepally, Sai Surepally, Anirudh Thukuntla, Rahul Mahesh and Medaram Gopal played the lead roles. This web series will be released on December 22nd on Aha OTT. The trailer is already released.

You are not truly living if youre always held back by fear. How much more of that fright can you handle before you decide to give up and call it a day? The trailer that started with this voice over was impressive throughout. The trailer gives an interesting introduction to the lives of the four ambitious boys next door in Karimnagar and gets hooked with emotions.

Excellent performances were seen in the trailer. Aman Surepally, Sai Surepally, and Anirudh Thukuntla with their natural acting, brought out the different shades of their characters well, with each one portraying a unique trait. With almost every other lead actor being played by a debutant, the makers were keen on casting theater artists from, in and around Karimnagar to get the much needed colloquialism in the dialogue. More than 50 artists are being introduced through this web series, and surprisingly the performances are on par with seasoned actors.

Director Balaji Bhuvanagiri has handled the story grippingly. Cinematography by Sankeerth Rahul is brilliant, Music by Sahityya Sagar is electrifying, and Background Score by S.Anant Srikar is intriguing. Another asset to this web series is the screenplay and dialogues are written by Ramesh Eligeti, who earlier worked as a writer for the blockbuster movie Balagam. Overall, the trailer has created a great buzz among the audience.

Actors :

Aman Surepally, Sai Surepally, Anirudh Thukuntla, Rahul Mahesh, Rakesh Rachakonda, Medaram Gopal etc.

Technical Team :

Directed by: Balaji Bhuvanagiri
Production : Street Beatz Cinema
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues : Ramesh Elegeti
Music : Sahityya Sagar
DOP : Sankeerth Rahul
Editor: Vijay Vardhan K