Krishna Vamsi

Krishna Vamsi was born on 28th July 1962 at Tadepalli Gudem in West Godavari district of A P.

He did his BSc at Tadepalligudem.He did his MA at Agra University.

He entered the Telugu Film Industry as an assistant to cameraman.Then as an assistant to Film Editor and As an Assistant Director.He worked with Ram Gopal Varma as his Assistant.

He has the privilege of directing Akkineni Nagarjuna’s 50th film(Chandralekha) and Srikath’s 100th film(Mahathma).
He has married the Popular Actress Ramya Krishna.They have son”Ritwik”

As a Film Director,his first film is “Gulabi”with J D Chakravarthi as hero.
His films are message oriented .He is also a good Coreographer.
List of films directed by Krishna Vamsi.

1. Gulabi(1995) with J D Chakravarthi as hero
2. Ninne Pelladutha (1996) with Nagarjuna as Hero
3. Sindhooram(1997) with Raviteja in the lead role(his own production)
4. Chandralekha(1998) with Nagarjuna as hero
5. Antahpuram(1999) with Jagapathi Babu as hero
6. Samudram(1999) with Jagapathi Babu as hero
7. Murari(2001) with Mahesh Babu as Hero
8. Khadgam(2002) Ravi Teja played the lead role
9. Sri Anjaneyam(2004) with Nitin in the lead
10. Chakram(2005) with Prabhas as hero
11. Danger(2005) with Allari Naresh as hero
12. Rakhi(2006) with Jr.N T R as hero
13. Chandamama (2007) Nagendra Babu as hero
14. Sasirekha Parinayam(2009) with Tarun in the lead role
15. Mahathma(2009) with Srikanth as hero
16. Mogudu(2011) Gopichand as hero.


1. 1997 Nandi Awards as 2nd best feature film, Silver Nandi for 2nd best producer, Nandi for best direction.
2. 1998 Nandi Award for Saundarya as best heroine for the film “Antahpuram”
3. 1999 Nandi award for the film “Samudram” as best villain.
4. 2001 Nandi Awards…Mahesh babu won the Best Actor Special Jury award for the film “Murari”
5. 2002 Nandi Award As best Director for the film Khadgam”,Best Supporting actor award to Prakash Raj for the film “Khadgam”
6. 2005 Nandi Award as best director for the film “Chakram”
7. 2005 Nandi awardas best villain to ShivaPrasad for the film “Danger”
8. 2007 Nandi Award as Best Director for the film “Chandamama”,best character actor award to Ahuthi Prasad(film-Chandamama),best male comedian award to Uttej(film-Chandamama)
9. 2009 Nandi Award as best supporting actor to Ramjagan for the film “Mahathma”

The above list proves that Krishna Vamsi is an Award winning director To-day being his Birth Day wish all the best for his future film Projects.