Krishnamma Movie Review

Krishnamma Movie Poster

Krishnamma Movie Poster

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Krishnamma” is a Telugu-language crime drama movie written and directed by V.V. Gopala Krishna and bankrolled by Krishna Kommalapati under the banner of Arunachala Creations. The movie stars Satyadev, Laxman, and Krishna as three orphans in main roles, along with AthiraRaj, Archana Iyer, and Raghu Kunche in supporting roles. The film’s music is composed by Kaala Bhairava, cinematography is handled by Sunny Kurapati, and editing is done by Tammiraju B. The film gained attention due to its trailer. Koratala Siva presents this film, and Mythri Movie Makers, known for distributing successful recent films, distributed this film.


Bhadra, Koti, and Shiva, raised together as orphans, share an unbreakable bond. However, their lives take a dark turn when Bhadra and Koti become embroiled in smuggling activities in Vijayawada. When the police arrest them for a crime that shakes the city, their futures are uncertain. With a 12-year sentence looming, mysteries unravel: Why were they framed? What secrets hide in their past? And will Bhadra seek vengeance? Find out as the story unfolds.


“Krishnamma” invites you into the vibrant setting of Vijayawada, yet it struggles to deliver the adrenaline-pumping fight scenes audiences crave. In his directorial debut, V.V. Gopala Krishna crafts a narrative with promise, but it falters in evoking deep emotional connections.

Krishnamma Movie Poster

Krishnamma Movie Poster

Satyadev’s performance is a standout, seamlessly blending into the fabric of Vijayawada’s culture. Despite his undeniable charisma, the screenplay fails to fully capitalize on his mass appeal.

Lakshman and Krishna deliver commendable performances, each adding their own layer to the story. Nanda Gopal’s portrayal of the menacing ACP injects tension into the narrative, while Athira Raj’s graceful portrayal enriches the romantic subplot, supported by a solid ensemble cast who deliver consistently fine performances.

While the film boasts impactful dialogues, it falls short in delivering the gritty action sequences expected in a Vijayawada setting. Satyadev’s on-screen presence fails to translate into engaging fight scenes, missing opportunities to fully captivate the audience.

Moreover, the portrayal of friendship lacks depth, leaving viewers yearning for a more authentic depiction of friendship. The rushed climax further detracts from the overall impact, failing to resonate emotionally and leaving a sense of dissatisfaction.

In conclusion, “Krishnamma” holds promise but ultimately falls short of its potential, unable to fully engage audiences due to its shortcomings in screenplay execution and action sequences.


  • Satyadev and other artists’ performances.
  • Decent story with a good twist.
  • The movie backdrop is also good.


  • Could have worked more on the screenplay to keep the audience engaged.
  • The climax is weak.
  • A bit slow-paced.

Technical Aspects:

The film production values are good just gave what needed for the film. The films cinematography is decent and nicely captured the rural areas in Bezawada. The films music is okay. Editing could have been better if they could have done something to change the pace.

Debutant director V.V Gopala Krishna took a good story and failed to engage the audience. More work on screenplay could have done some wonders for the movie.. but it’s late.


“Krishnamma” presents a promising story with strong performances, especially from Satyadev. However, it lacks engaging fight sequences and a dynamic screenplay, resulting in a somewhat underwhelming experience overall.


Movie Title: Krishnamma

Banner: Arunachala Creations

Release date: 10-05-2024

Censor rating: “U/A”

Cast: SatyaDev, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira Raj, Laxman Meesala

Story – Director: V V Gopala Krishna

Music: KaalaBhairava

Cinematography: Sunny Kurapati

Editing: Tammiraju B

Producer: Krishna Kommalapati

Nizam Distributors: Mythri Movie Distributors

Runtime: 132 minutes