Love Guru Movie Pre Release Event Held

Love Guru has all the emotions that the audience wants – Movie Team in Pre Release Event

Vijay Antony’s latest film, “Love Guru,” marks his first foray into the romantic entertainer genre, with Mrinalini Ravi as the leading lady. Produced under Vijay Antony’s own banner, Vijay Antony Film Corporation, and co-produced by Meera Vijay Antony, the film is directed by Vinayak Vaidyanathan. Slated for release on April 11, coinciding with the Ramzan festival, “Love Guru” will be distributed by Mythri Movie Distribution. The pre-release event of the movie was held in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Writer Bhashyasree said, “The ‘Love Guru’ movie will particularly appeal to the youth. Thanks to Mythri for releasing this movie in Telugu. Vijay Antony will be seen in a new light. Mrinalini Ravi’s character will make you think, ‘Wow, this feels like a real relationship.’ Our director Vinayak is often mistaken for VV Vinayak because of the quality of his work. The film conveys a beautiful message about loving someone for their personality rather than just the person themselves. The soundtrack is youthful, with Bharat delivering super hit music. ‘Love Guru’ will be well-received by the Telugu audience and doesn’t feel like a Tamil movie. I hope ‘Love Guru’ becomes a success this Ramzan.”

Music director Bharat Dhanasekhar expressed his gratitude, “Thanks to director Vinayak and hero Vijay Antony for the opportunity to contribute to ‘Love Guru.’ Thanks also to Mythri Movie’s Ravi, Naveen, and Cherry for bringing our film to the Telugu audience so grandly. The film features eight tracks, three of which have been released, with five more to be seen on screen. Bhashyasree provided excellent lyrics for all the songs. ‘Love Guru’ is special for all of us, filled with many memories. We spent months perfecting the music, and I hope everyone enjoys the songs in the movie.”

Director Vinayak Vaidyanathan shared, “I have a deep affection for the Telugu audience and film industry. My love for Hyderabad began when I worked in the direction department of ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham.’ After directing a short film and contemplating my next steps, Vijay Antony called me to discuss ‘Love Guru.’ I’m grateful to Vijay for this opportunity. The story emphasizes that love can make anything possible in this universe. Working with Mythri Movie Company was a joy, and I dedicate this movie to the current generation. Enjoy the film, everyone.”

Producer Naveen Yerneni remarked, “I recently watched ‘Love Guru,’ and it’s exceptional. Every scene feels fresh. The chemistry between Vijay Antony and Mrinalini is noteworthy. This film is destined for success, not only in Tamil but also in Telugu. Best wishes to director Vinayak and the entire team.”.

Producer Ravi Shankar said, “Vijay Antony is a versatile actor. His movie ‘Bichagadu’ is still a favorite among family audiences. Apart from Tamil Nadu, Vijay’s films are also loved in Telugu. We have all seen ‘Love Guru,’ and it’s very good. This movie is releasing in the Telugu states along with Tamil Nadu. We are happy to release this movie in Telugu. Director Vinayak will impress with this movie. Mrinalini has become famous by acting in many Telugu films. This movie will further recognize her talent. ‘Love Guru’ entertains the audience with an engaging and gripping screenplay. VTV Ganesh and Yogi Babu provide the laughs. We hope you all will enjoy the ‘Love Guru’ movie and that it achieves great success.”

Shashi from Mythri Movie Distribution said, “After seeing the movie ‘Love Guru,’ I was convinced that this movie will definitely be a hit. Vijay Antony is showed us the film and releasing it with faith in Mythri. We have seen one type of movie in his career so far. ‘Love Guru’ is like a second innings for Vijay Antony. It’s a great family entertainer. This story has all the emotions that audiences love. The music is very good, and the background score is impressive. Although it is Vinayak’s first movie, he has crafted the subject very talentedly. ‘Love Guru’ will be a big hit in Telugu this summer.”

Heroine Mrinalini Ravi said, “I played the character of Leela in ‘Love Guru.’ This is the best character I’ve gotten in my career. Mine is a role that has equal importance in the story with the hero. I think I have done justice to Leela’s character. Thanks to director Vinayak and Vijay Antony for trusting me and giving me such a great character. Vijay Antony sent me to acting classes for ‘Love Guru.’ I don’t know if another producer would do this. After watching this movie, you will fall in love with your life partners once again. Watch ‘Love Guru’ in theaters this summer.”

Hero Vijay Antony said, “My dream is to be associated with Mythri Movie Makers. I’m happy to see that dream come true with ‘Love Guru.’ They love a good movie and don’t just look at it from a business angle. I would like to work with Mythri for more movies. After hearing the story of ‘Love Guru,’ I told the director Vinayak that it will be the biggest hit in my career after ‘Bichagadu.’ I’m glad it’s coming true. Vinayak will surely become a great director. I plan to make this movie in Hindi under your direction. I want the friends to collaborate for that project. Mrinalini is a great actress. Her performance in ‘Love Guru’ will impress you all. I can say that she will win the National Award for this movie. She acted so well. Bharat’s music is the attraction of this movie. Watch Love Guru in theatres on April 11th.

Actors – Vijay Antony, Mrinalini Ravi, VTV Ganesh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ilavarasu, Sudha, Sreeja Ravi etc.

Technical team

Cinematography – Farooq J Basha
Music by Bharat Dhanasekhar
Editing, Producer – Vijay Antony
Banner – Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Submitted by – Meera Vijay Antony
PRO – GSK Media
Written and Directed by – Vinayak Vaidyanathan