Mahankali movie review

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Mahankali (3)

Film Title:- Mahankali

Banner :- Anjeri Arts

Release date :- 08-03-2013

Cast:-   Rajashekhar, Madhurima, Pradeep Rawat, Jeeva.

Review:- A Movie in which Angry young man Rajasekhar plays a police officer and the performance is almost as good as Ankusham. The movie is an action entertainer with commercial elements. Jeevitha, the director of the movie, has brought out the action hero out of Rajashekhar in a very decent potrayal of his role.

Story :- Mahankali(Rajashekhar) is a sincere police officer who is against corruption. Harshad gang is a set of criminals who are terrorizing the city with their money laundering schemes and murders with their tie ups with the military gangs of Pakistan and Afghanistan.When a series of bomb blasts occur in Hyderabad, Rajashekhar is appointed to investigate the case by the home minister. After he wipes out the gang successfully he finds out that the home minister himself is tied up with another powerful don from the city and has used Rajashekhar against the Harshad gang due to his enmity with them. As a part of the home minister’s scheme he ends up in jail. The rest of the story revolves around how he deals with both the gangs and gets out of it.

Performances :- Rajashekhar has given a genuinely good performance as a cop. He is as good as always as the angry police officer with stunning action sequences. The second half of the movie has some powerful dialogues delivered by him which made the audience  cheer. Madhurima who plays a girl rescued by Rajashekhar has done her part well although she does not have much of a role. Kausha gave a good performance in an item song.  Pradeep Rawat , Nalini , Venu Gopal  and Jeeva who also had prominent roles in the moview did justice to their roles.

Technical aspects:- The director Jeevitha, did a good job in etching out Rajashekhar’s role and took no time in establishing his role as the movie opens with him. The other characters of the movie were not sketched as well as Mahamkali’s role as they lacked clarity. The background score given by Chinna was very good although the songs were just okay. Editing and Cinematography are mediocre.

Conclusion:-    If you are a fan of Rajashekhar and like watching his action sequences and powerful dialogues this movie will definitely not fail to impress you.

Rating:-   3 /5.