Mahesh Babu, a name which captivates audience of all ages ranging from kids to adolescent is also regarded as Prince and Superstar. It is all his charming look and trendy style which probably binds an individual to become a great fanatic of him.And it is talk of today;let us have a glimpse on how he reached to that stardom.

The initial stages of acting evinced his frivolous boyish image and were the steps which taughthim the brass tacks of acting.Okkadu is a milestone in career of Mahesh, where he can be seen as a young energetic and adventurous guy. The exuberant action performance with romantic touch unleashed his acting skills.

Later, he approached a stage where he procured the ability to act for grievous heroic roles, which eventually erased his lover boy image.Athadu can be said as a breakthrough in his regular film career and exposed the unseen action shades of Mahesh, it even reminds a dialogue to strike in the mind of every individual.
“Gun ni chudali anuko thappuledu …Bullet ni chudali anukoku chachipothav”
With the natural acting, innocent looks and being romantic who isn’t visibly known to be, grabbed the attention of audience and made them to have a glance on him.

Pokiri, the full-fledged stylish cum rugged characterization, change in Hair Style, dumb strucking action sequences and dual shaded role finally rang the bell of Box office records and made him a star hero. A dialogue from Pokiri finds its place forever in the memory of people, which really made audience mad, is:
“Evvadu kodithe DimmaThirigi Mind block avthundo ….Aade PanduGadu”

Dookudu can be categorized under a unique category of movies in Mahesh career since it show cased ever seen romantic action script with full length of humor dimension from him.

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, a new trend multi starrer beginning in Tollywood happened with Mahesh and Venkatesh. It is a sensitive movie where emotions play a vital role akin to the ones observed in a real life. From this, Mahesh even got closer to family genre of audience. Let us wish him for much more successes in his forth coming projects too.

Rajakumarudu (1999)
Yuvaraju (2000)
Vamsi (2000)
Murari (2001)
Takkari Donga (2002)
Bobby (2002)
Okkadu (2003)
Nijam (2003)
Naani (2004)
Arjun (2004)
Athadu (2005)
Pokiri (2006)
Sainikudu (2006)
Athidhi (2007)
Khaleja (2010)
Dookudu (2011)
Businessman (2012)
Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (2013)