Maya Bazaar For Sale Web Series Trailer Launch Evnet

Maya Bazaar For Sale Streaming From July 14th In ZEE5

Leading Digital Streaming Platform, ZEE 5 is cruising ahead by providing unique and appealing content leaving an imprint on the audience. Now, ZEE 5 is getting ready to bring a brand new multistarrer Telugu web original, Maya Bazaar For Sale to its esteemed viewers. With a unique narrative style made as a satirical drama, Maya Bazaar For Sale depicts the interesting aspects of various families in a gated community. Along with ZEE 5, Rana Daggubatis Spirit Media banner has made Maya Bazaar For Sale a sensitive and heartwarming joyful drama. This series revolves around families in a gated community. Gautami Chillagulla has directed this web series which starts streaming in ZEE 5 on July 14th. Makers released the trailer of Maya Bazaar For Sale on Sunday.

The trailer launch event is graced by ZEE 5 Vice President, South Content Head Saitej Deshraj, Spirit Media Rajeev Ranjan, Director Gautami, Dr. Naresh VK, Jhansi, Raja Chembolu, Sunaina, Aditi, Raviraj and others.

Raviraj said, Thanks to director Gautami Garu. Its an unforgettable experience working with actors like Naresh Garu and Jhansi Garu. This is my second web series in ZEE 5 after ATM. Maya Bazaar For Sale will stream in ZEE 5 from July 14th. Dont miss it.

Aditi said, Thanks to Gautami Garu for this opportunity. The Maya Bazaar For Sale series can be watched and enjoyed with the entire family. Do watch it.

Sunaina said, Maya Bazaar For Sale which starts streaming from 14th July in ZEE 5 will connect with everyone. I will always be in debt to Director Gautami. You have seen my screams in Trailer. You will get to know about my anguish in the series. Maya Bazaar For Sale can be watched by everyone.

Raja Chembolu said, Thanks to ZEE5, and Spirit Media. The Maya Bazaar For Sale series is very special. The audience will surely connect with the series. I got an opportunity to work with a very good team comprises of Naresh Garu, Jhansi Garu, Sunaina, and Director Gautami. Watch the series on July 14th in ZEE 5.

Jhansi said, Audiences are watching ZEE 5 and enjoying very good web series in it. Likewise, they will enjoy Maya Bazaar For Sale too. What Hanuman Junction did to the comedy genre in Telugu films, Maya Bazaar For Sale will exactly do the same in web series. Not only this decade but for another two decades Maya Bazaar For Sale will be remembered as a landmark comedy web series. This web series which is made in the combo of Rana Gari Spirit Media and ZEE 5 will surely impress the viewers. Whenever we feel down watching Maya Bazaar For Sale will rejuvenate our spirits. It will stream in ZEE 5 from 14th July.

Director Gautami Chillagulla said, I was confused when I got shifted from the main city to a villa. Many might undergo a similar feeling to me. Coming to Maya Bazaar For Sale, most of the content for this series came out from our WhatsApp group. Every family has commonly certain emotions. The Gated Community is like a joint family. Everyone will connect somewhere. There are numerous artists along with those who are on stage. I wrote the character taking inspiration from Jandhyala Garu. Maya Bazaar For Sale will stream from 14th July in ZEE 5. Watch and Enjoy.

ZEE 5 Vice President, South Content Head Saitej Deshraj said, OTT has been made as a hub for vulgarity. To watch any new content in OTT, one must think about watching it with headphones on. But, Maya Bazaar For Sale which is about to stream in ZEE 5 is an out-and-out family entertainer. It has all kinds of commercial elements. Everyone aged from 6 to 60 will enjoy watching it. Gautami Garu has done an amazing job directing it. Spirit Media uncompromisingly made this series. They made it with excellent production values. I wish that they should make a sequel to it. Every character will remind us about something we encountered in our lives. Characters in this series will or only evoke laughs but also bring tears with very well-etched emotions. They will haunt us even after watching the show. Naresh Garu, Jhansi Garu, Raja Garu, Sunaina Everyone lived in their roles. We are coming up with new web series like Vyavastha, Puki Meka, and Recci every month. Maya Bazaar For Sale is a festive-like series. Watch and Enjoy it from July 14th in ZEE 5.

Dr. Naresh VK said, Thanks to ZEE 5 Saitej, Spirit Media and team, Mirage and team, Maya Bazaar and team. A gated Community was a dream in the 1990 and 2000s. Now we have thousands of gated communities. It is our new neighbor. Maya Bazaar For Sale is a rollercoaster, family fun rider. The entire shoot was like a carnival. I appreciate Director Gautami. Its not as simple as it looks to deliver content like this for a new director. We all enjoyed working on this series. It can be enjoyed by watching with the entire family. It will start streaming in ZEE 5 from July 14th.