Mega Star with Mega Power Star !!Mega Star with Mega Power Star !!

The portrait of “Mega Star Chiranjeevi with his little master “Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja” leaning on his TOYOTA  car, seems really exquisite and beautiful.

The car in the picture is a TOYOTA Sera which is a sports car. One of the amazing features of the car is, the gull wing doors (Butterfly wings) of the car can dangle upwards.

Mega Star chiranjeevi is emotionally attached to this car and still has it in his garage. It has used it a couple of times in his films like Andarivadu.

We can see the similarities of both father and son in the image. They wore same colour of trousers and same type of T-Shirt with sport shoes. We can notice that they stood in same style.In this portrait Chiranjeevi is looking very handsome and Charan is really charming and cute.

Overall the image is extreme awesome and cool looking.