Minugurulu movie is selected for Childrens Film FestivalMinugurulu movie is selected for Childrens Film Festival

‘Minugurulu’ movie in which Suhasini Maniratnam is playing a key role and 40 blind children have acted is going to release on 29th November. Ayodhya Kumard Krishnam Shetty is the director as well as producer  under Respect Creations Banner. Ashish Vidyardhi, Raghuveer Yadav,  Deepak and Rushika are playing key roles.

This movie was selected for presentation(screening) in the 6th International Film Festival and at the 18th International Children Festival starting on 14th November.

Director told that three years hard work is appreciated by the selection of the movie for seven International Film Festivals and we are happy about that. On 18th November we are presenting this movie in Imax theater screen-3 with the title ‘Minukumanna Minugurulu’.