Must See Telugu Movies 2 is presenting the list of movies which can never be missed viewing.We are presenting the list continuously with 5 movies a day. This we are doing to enable true movie lovers to view these movies if they have not done so. The list is a mixture of old,recent and very recent movies. These are the Must See Telugu Movies.

6.     Aame Yevaru(1966)

Cast:- Jaggaiah,Jayalalitha,Nagabhushanam
Directed by:- B S Narayana
Music:- Veda
Producer:- P S Veerappan
Banner :- Hariharan Movies

7.     Appuchesipappukoodu(1958)

Cast:- NTR,Jaggaiah,SVR,Relangi,Ramana Reddy,Savithri,Jamuna,Suryakantham
Directed by:- L V Prasad
Music:- S Rajeswara Rao
Producer:- Nagi Reddy- Chakrapani
Banner :- Vijaya Pictures

8.     Assembly Rowdy(1991)

Mohan Babu, Jaggaiah, Brahmanandam, Sathyanarayana, Divya Bharathi
Directed by :- B Gopal
Music:- K V Mah
Producer:- Mohan Babu
Banner :- Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures

9.     Alluri Setharamaraju(1974)

Cast:- Krishna,Jaggaiah,Vijayanirmala,Rajababu,Kantha Rao,Ballaiah
Directed by:- V Rama Chandra Rao
Music:- P Adinarayana Rao
Producer:- G Adiseshagiri Rao
Banner :- Padmalaya

10.     Bharya Bharthalu(1961)

Cast:- ANR,Gummadi,Padmanabham,Relangi,Krishnakumari,Suryakantham
Directed by:- K Prathyagathma
Music :- S Rajeswara Rao
Producer:- A V Subba Rao
Banner :- Prasad Art Pictures