Namo Movie Prerelease Event

The Efforts Put In By Young Team Should Provide Success: Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao At Namo Prerelease Event

Viswanth Duddampudi and Anuroop Katari are the heroes, while Vismaya is the heroine in the upcoming film Namo produced by A.Prashanth under the banners of Sri Netra Creations and Arms Film Factory. Aditya Reddy Kunduru is making his debut as a director with this film. Namo is all set to release on June 7th. Interim, a prerelease event of the movie was held on Monday. Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao and Bekkem Venugopal were the chief guests for this event.

While speaking at the event, Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao said, I have known Aditya for a long time. Im happy that Aditya is debuting as a director with this film. He is very talented and works hard. He seems to prove himself with this film. The hardships of the characters in the film are going to provide laughs to the audience. It is great to bring such films with new concepts to theatres. I hope this effort made by the young team will be successful.

Bekkem Venugopal said, I attend promotional events of big and smalltime films. But I feel it will be helpful if I attend events of small movies. Heroine Vismaya is a Telugu girl. She has already done four films. She has the potential to become a star heroine. Of late, mostly new directors and producers are making more movies. The directorproducers who believe in the story should always succeed. All the best to Aditya who is directing for the first time. Viswanth is a good and talented actor. He still hasnt got a proper break. This film should become a big hit.

Rom Bhimana said, We released the teaser of our Purushothamudu on this stage. Now Im happy to attend Namo event at the same venue. Namo is familiar to all. Its a very good title. At present, there is an atmosphere of tension in the country and the state. It seems that Namo is coming to relieve the tension. I watch Viswanths movies. He has all the features of being a big hero. It is easy to make a film in the current situation. But releasing it is difficult. Everyone should support this movie and make it a huge success.

Aditya Reddy said, Thanks to my mentor Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao and Bekkem Venugopal who came to attend our event. Prashanth produced the film without any compromise. Namo has materialized because of a good story and a promising talent like Viswanth. Anuroop is a singletake artist. Vismaya is a good actress. The visuals captured by Rahul Srivastava are vibrant. The tribal set erected under the supervision of Kiran Kumar was brilliant. Kranthi Acharya is my childhood friend. He has given wonderful music. Thanks to everyone who worked for my film. Namo is coming on June 7th. Everyone should watch and make it successful.

Viswanth Duddampudi said, Namo is not just a movie for me. Its an emotion for me. The entire team worked together very happily. We worked together like a family. The characters written by Aditya are amazing. Put logic aside and experience the magic in cinemas. Everyone will like this movie. It will definitely be a Paisa Vasool entertainer. Anuroop is very talented. Vismaya acted well. Thanks to our director and producers for giving me a chance.

Producer Prashanth said, Aditya and DOP Rahul are very good friends of mine. I produced this project because of them. Cinema is a passion for both of them. Vishwanth, Anuroop and Vismaya put in their best efforts. The whole team worked hard in the remote area. Kranthi Acharya gave good music. Our film is coming on June 7th. It will be entertaining all through. Everyone will enjoy it.

Anuroop said, I have reached this stage with the support of my parents. Our movie Namo is coming on 7th June. The entire team worked hard for the film. The character Mohan resembles our director Aditya. I thank him for giving me such a good character. Thanks to Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao and Bekkem Venugopal for gracing our event. This movie went to the next level because of Prashanth. Vismaya acted well. Viswanth is like a brother to me. He was very supportive. Everyone should watch our film and make it successful.

Vismaya Sri said, We shot the film amid tough circumstances in the forest area. I have done two films under the production of Prashanth. We are also going to do our third film together. Aditya is not as silent as he appears (laughs). Vishwanth is always smiling on the sets. Anuroop became a good friend. Our film is coming on June 7th. I think everyone will like it.