Nandeeswarudu Movie Wallpapers

Nandeeswarudu Review.

Nandeeswarudu alias Nandu (Taraka Ratna) is a son of Ananda Bhupati (Suman), who is rich and has great respect in their village. Nandu wants to study IPS, but because of the rivalry with Baba (Ajay), he will stop his education and turns to Nandu anna. He gets arrested and as a result he will be out of the college and his home as well. Nandu will start helping the needy people. A police officer (Jagapathi Babu) will be after him and how Nandu eliminates all the evil from the city must be seen on the screen.

Taraka Ratna is just Okay in the lead role. He didn’t express the heroism in that powerful character. Sheena tried to attract with her glamour in the songs, but did not succeed. She didn’t get any significant role to play in the movie. Jagapathi Babu is perfect as the sincere and strict police officer. 

Technicalities:Paruchuri Brothers disappointed Nandamuri audience. Everyone did not give their best in their respective fields. Music is routine and bored. Director Srinivas Yarajala failed in picturizing the powerful action sequences.

Final Word:

The people who likes the blood flow on silver screen may watch this film.