Nippu Review.

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Surya (Raviteja) and Sriram (Sriram) are best friends. Sriram will be sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, as there is a rumor that he has killed his lover Vaishnavi (Bhavana). But Vaishnavi dies accidentally by falling from the roof top.

Surya has to get a letter from Vaishnavi’s parents to save Sriram from death sentence. Surya comes to know that Raja Goud (Pradeep Rawath) is the father of Vaishnavi, who is eagerly waiting to take revenge on Surya who is already an enemy of him. As convincing Raja to sign the papers is not easy, Surya will wait for an opportunity. Meanwhile, there is another person who is against Raja. He is Shankar Kaka (Mukul Dev). Surya join hands with him and gives a deadly blow to Raja. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Ever energetic Raviteja failed to energize the movie. He did not succeed in getting his mark in his performance. Few comedy sequences with Brahmanandam are okay.
Deesksha Seth was good in her appearance. Er performance is dull. Rajendra Prasad fulfilled his limited role. Sriram is just okay. Pradeep Rawath is as usual. Brahmanandam’s presence is felt.

Thaman’s music became a backdrop. Background score is not effective. Production values are good. Dialogues are okay. Gunasekhar once again disappointed his producer with weak story line. His direction is not up to the mark.

 Final Word:

Those who like too much fights can watch this film once.