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fashion designer niranjan


Niranjan, one of the few telugu fashion designers we have in the industry right now is currently working for the movie “Rachha” under the banner of Mega Super Good Movies.

Here are the excerpts of his interview that took place at café mélange, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Vijayawada. I had completed my schooling at Hyderabad and Intermediate at dehradun. After that I have done a course in “Textile designing” from Indian Institute of Handloom Technology. I am a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

How did you get into movies?

I knew Director Krishna Vamsi through a common friend and he was impressed with my work and offered me an opportunity to work in his movie “Rakhee”.

How many movies did you do designing?

The current movie Raccha is my 23rd project.

Do you have any favorites? Are you personal designer for any actor or actress?

Nowadays everyone in the movie industry is well aware about fashion and is very style conscious. However, I am a personal designer for Priya Mani, Navdeep & Kalyan Ram.

Who is your favorite designer?

I don’t opt any particular designer. I have learnt a lot of intricate detailing during my working days with leading fashion designers like Manish Malhotra & Neeta Lulla.

Does producer hire you for whole unit or for specific actor/actresses?

It depends upon the contract. There will be a certain package allotted for the each actresses/ actors & other artists. I try my level best to cover all the artists’ designs.

How do you design costumes for different shoots?

The director briefs me about the scene and seeks my suggestions about the costume. We decide the costume based upon the theme, scene situation, color combinations and lighting. I also co-ordinate the dresses of the lead pair so that a visual balance is maintained.

Can you define the role of a costume designer?

Costume designer is a person whose responsibility is to design costumes for a film or stage production. Costume designers will typically seek to enhance a character’s personality, and/or to create an evolving plot of colour, changing social status or period through the visual design of garments and other means of dressing, distorting and enhancing the body – within the framework of the director’s vision.

Do you face problems because of readymade costumes available in the market?

I accept that there are very good quality of readymade garments available in the market but in a busy life like this, very few people have the sense of wearing the appropriate matching garments. Clubbing correct garments is a work of costume designer. Thus, a designer is always known for his way of presenting the garment in a very new way differencing from others.

How much time it takes for you to design a costume?

We basically start the work for the costume before a month of shoot. Depending upon the theme provided by the director, we prepare the costumes. Sometimes if there is a sudden change in the scene or if the artist is not comfortable with the costume then we prepare the costume instantly, in fact costumes are prepared well before the shooting.

Do you suggest makeup team to makeup according to the costume?

Yes. After all physical look is a combination of costumes and make up. But in the end it depends on the artist, how they present it.

Do you have anything like specific budget allotment for costumes?

Well there is nothing like budget system in costumes sector. For small or big banners, we design the costumes which will suit the scene & also as per requirement of the directors.

What are your hobbies?

I like driving different cars. I own 3 cars & if any new model arrives in the market I look forward to buying it.Other than my love for cars, I am also a bike freak with a collection of 5 bikes. My recent bike is Yamaha R1, a complete imported 1000CC bike.