Oka College Story Video Songs

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Oka College Story Movie Photo

Director T Prabhakar has earlier directed the movies “Jai Bhajaranga Bhali“, “Rendilla Poojari“, “All Rounder“, “Bathukamma” and “Meenakshi” is coming up with his new film “Oka College Story“.

Director T Prabhakar has also done the musical score for this film. Producers Raja Ram Reddy and Kiran Thota making the film on RRR Movie Banner and on Lime Light Cinema BannerSravanMonal GajjarNaveenNavabharath Balaji, Anooj Ram, Vijaya Bhaskar, Arthi Puri, Manjula Rathod, Shailaja, Anand Kumar, Gopal Shyam and Meena Singh in the lead cast of the movie. This film may be released in 2nd week of August 2012.

Here We Present Oka College Story  Video Songs:

[youtube id=”ERoc-2WWVnM” width=”600″ height=”350″]