p s ramakrishna rao

P S Ramakrishna Rao

P S Ramakrishna Rao was born at Kurnool Town In Andhra Pradesh on 12th of October 1918.

He was one of the popular Telugu film producer and Director. He married Bhanumathi in the year 1945.He has established his own production house”Bharani Pictures”. His first film as producer&director was Ratnamala .Bhanumathi was the heroine in the movie. He has produced and directed few classics which include Laila Majnu,Brathuku Theruvu,Vipranarayana,Chakrapani,Athmabandhuvu,Batasari,Vivahabandham.All the films produced and directed by Ramakrishna Rao were mega musical hits.

Bhanumathi was the Heroine In all the films Produced& directed ByP.S.Ramakrishna Rao.

P S Ramakrishna Rao is the Owner of Bharani Studios in Madras(now Chennai).

His son Dr.Bharani Kumar has Established Bharani Hospital in part of the  the Studio site.Bharani Hospital is one of the Famous Hospitals in Chennai City.Dr.Bharani Kumar Is taking care of the Hospital and Studio.

The list of films produced and directed by P S Ramakrishna Rao:-

  1. Rathnamala(1947)…..Bhanumathi- ANR
  2. Laila Majnu(1949)……Bhanumathi-ANR
  3. Prema(1952)         …..Bhanumathi-ANR
  4. Brathuku Theruvu(1953)….ANR-Savitri
  5. Chandirani(1953)……..Bhanumathi-NTR
  6. Chakrapani(1954)…….Bhanumathi-ANR
  7. Vipranarayana(1954)..Bhanumathi-ANR
  8. Chinthamani(1956)….Bhanumathi-NTR
  9. Varudu Kavali(1957)..Bhanumathi-K.Jaggaiah
  10. Sabhash Raja(1957)…ANR-Krishna Kumari
  11. Batasari(1961)………..Bhanumathi-ANR
  12. Athmabandhuvu(1962)…NTR-Savitri
  13. Anubandhalu(1963)…….Bhanumathi-K Jaggaiah
  14. Vivahabandham(1964)…Bhanumathi_NTR
  15. Gruhalakshmi(1967)……Bhanumathi-ANR(For the films ,Athmabandhuvu,Sabhash Raja,Brathuku Theruvu,he was only a director).

P S Ramakrishna Rao died on 7th of September 1986 at Chennai.

Business of Tollywood recollects his memories on his 93rd birth anniversary.