Paarijatha Parvam Movie Review

Paarijatha Parvam Movie Review

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“Paarijatha Parvam” is a Telugu-language crime comedy film written and directed by Santosh Kambhampati and bankrolled by Mahidhar Reddy and Devesh under the banner of Vanamali Creations. The film stars Sunil, Chaitanya Rao, Harsha, and Shraddha Das. The cinematography is by Bala Saraswathi, the music by Ree, and the editing is by Sasank Vupputuri. The movie hit the big screens today. Let’s see how the movie is.


Chaitanya, set on directing his first film with his friend Harsha in the lead, encounters resistance from producers who appreciate his story but object to his casting choice. Despite enduring insults from producer Shetty, Chaitanya devises a plan to kidnap Shetty’s wife, intending to use the ransom to finance his film. What unfolds next? Does he successfully carry out the kidnapping? Who are Bar Seenu (played by Sunil) and Parvathy (portrayed by Shraddha Das), and how do they intertwine with the narrative? These questions will find their answers within the movie.


“Paarijatha Parvam” brings forth some commendable performances, especially Harsha Chemudu’s knack for delivering witty humor and timing, which keeps the audience engaged, particularly in the latter half involving Sunil. Chaitanya Rao impresses as an aspiring director, drawing viewers into his character’s journey. Sunil’s portrayal as Bar Seenu adds a layer of humor and depth to the storyline, while Srikanth Iyengar’s performance also leaves a lasting impression.

Paarijatha Parvam Movie Poster

Paarijatha Parvam Movie Poster

The film kicks off with a lively start, dominated by Sunil for the initial 20 minutes, setting the tone for what’s to come. However, despite the director’s clear vision, the execution lacks the gripping engagement needed to hold the audience’s attention. Interestingly, while the film presents kidnapping as an art form, it subtly suggests that crafting a compelling narrative requires much more than surface-level slogans.

While the songs are decent, the background score fails to enhance the overall experience, leaving much to be desired. In a genre that relies heavily on both entertaining plots and engaging storytelling, “Paarijatha Parvam” struggles to strike a balance between the two.

Director and writer Kambhampati Santosh could have delved deeper into the screenplay, injecting it with more thrilling elements to heighten its impact. Although the comedic scenes featuring Sunil and Harsha are enjoyable, some feel a bit forced, accompanied by unnecessary filler sequences. A sharper focus on dialogue writing could have elevated the film’s resonance.

Moreover, character development falls short, especially for the female lead, Malavika Satheesan, who is given limited screen time. Supporting characters played by Samir, Surekha Vani, and Srikanth Iyengar could have been more intricately woven into the narrative to add depth and humor. Overall, while “Paarijatha Parvam” offers its fair share of laughs, it ultimately misses the mark in maximizing its potential due to narrative shortcomings and underdeveloped characters.


  • Sunil’s performance.
  • Occasional laughs.


  • Routine story and lack of freshness.
  • Lack of engagement.
  • Some comedy scenes feel forced.
  • Lack of depth in characters.

Technical Aspects:

The songs by Ree are okay, but the background score is terrible and often irritating. The cinematography by Bala Saraswathy and the editing by Sasank Vupputuri are decent. Santosh Kambhampati could have put more effort into the narration to make it engaging, even though it’s a routine story. The outcome could have been different.


“Paarijatha Parvam” showcases commendable performances, particularly from Harsha Chemudu and Sunil, but falls short in delivering a gripping narrative and fails to strike a balance between entertainment and engagement. While the technical aspects like cinematography and editing are decent, the lackluster background score and underdeveloped characters contribute to its overall shortcomings.