Paisa Audio Launch on 19th May

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Paisa Audio Launch on 19th May : 

Paisa Movie StillsNani  is playing the main role in upcoming film Paisa . The director of the film Krishna Vamsi. This movie is money centric and related to audience very well.

The female leads of the film are Catherine and Siddhika. Ramesh Puppala the fame of ‘Mirapakay ‘ is producing this film under the Yellow flowers banner.

‘Money is the root of all evils , Human relations are getting worst day by day due to money .The value of money has increased so much in last 5years.Every individual around the world is revolving around money ‘  says Krishna Vamsi . He felt very depressed about this situation in every person’s life and scripted `Paisa ‘ under these conditions.They approached Nani and he was apt for the role.

The movie is definitely going to set an impact on the audience, because Paisa is related to every one’s life  and it would be through audience to know how good is the movie .This  movie is definitely  trendy as its about money .We are confident to bag in great response for this film.  Nani believes he is best for the role.


‘This movie is made with a lot of Passion and inspiration’  says Ramesh  Puppala. There was no compromise for this movie even a bit .Krishna Vamsi has directed it very effectively all the scenes  to reach the audience.

Nani enjoyed all the scenes in the movie and is glad to be the part of the film.Even if there is a particular location which is about taking risk. Its all about working in Krishna Vamsi’s style which is worth for the film. The Producer has supported a lot for the film.The main objective is to give  message to the audience through the films and they watch as a viewer of Indian citizen.This movie will make a great hit.

The Music is composed by Sai Karthik is very outstanding.The music will be launched on 19th May at Shilpakala Vedika grandly and then the release of the film.