Paisa Audio Launch

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The Audio launch of Krishna Vamshi’s ‘Paisa’ has been successfully done at ShilpaKala Vedika in Hyderabad .

The launch was attended by Bellamkonda Suresh, Dasari Narayana Rao, Allari Naresh, Aadi, Navadeep, Sundeep Kishan, Sudheer Baby, Achi Reddy, SV Krishna Reddy etc. The event was attented along with Nani and Vamshi Krishna. The other member of movie included Catherine, Siddhika, Ramesh Puppala . The music is composed by Sai Karthik.

The classical dance performance and the performance done by Siddartha college was wonderful and attracted the audience .The crowd was amused by the anchoring of Nani and Allari Naresh.

Nani is a kind of actor who never works for money. He is a darling and he works for his passion. Ramesh Puppala is also a passionate producer, he does not make movies for business but does it for his satisfaction. The struggle he is going through cannot be described in words. I want him to be through out the journey of my life says Krishna Vamshi .

Nani said he is proud to work with Vamshi Krishna . He has given so much to the film . He has given a fracture to my leg and a mark on my nose and the work gave me all satisfaction for me.

Seetharama Sastry has praised after watching this film. He appreciated for being a part of this movie. He also thanked the producer for not compromising a bit for this film and is grateful to the team for keeping up the spirit and working with all efforts for the film.

Navdeep also addressed to Krishna Vamshi as ‘ I am Sir’s ex- girlfriend ‘ . We had loved each other for Chandamama. He even now messages me once in a month calling me with a nick name.

He also hopes Sir gets huge success for this film.

Ramesh Puppala says ‘ We have worked hard for the good film and I am very happy , my team and Krishna Vamshi have kept in outstanding efforts ‘ .

Sundeep and Nani have been great friends for long time. He envy’s him as he has got good hits in last four years.

Catherine and Siddhika also expressed their joys at working with Nani and Krishna Vamshi .They are the female leads . The other guests who visited wished for massive success of the movie.