Pawan Kalyan Thank all his Well Wishers

Salutations to all well-wishers!

September 2… On the eve of my birthday, many friends from cine and media sectors extended their greetings through social media. Journalists of print and electronic media, film in-charges, reporters, photographers, cameramen, administrators of web media and journalists offered their greetings in the form of special stories. I wish to acknowledge my heartfelt thanks to all. 

I am very much delighted for carrying essays, stories, informing the viewers about my film career touching milestones and info about the upcoming films. You have once reminded my journey!

Janasena became the voice of people who are in distress. I am spending much of my time in the public domain. The media friends, who are part of the film industry, have made an eye feast to my fans and film-lovers owning me as their person though I was in public life.  

I am extending my heartfelt gratitude once again to all cine journalists – my well-wishers. 



President, Janasena